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Worse after lap

Hi guys at my wits end and looking for advice have had chronic chronic periods all my life pill implant nothing worked was treated with decapeptyl injection and livial pills which helped a good bit and had my laparoscopy in August, safter my lap I had a period for a whole month was weak from it , so my doc gave me tablets to ease the bleeding and cramps with the hope my period would ease off it did for a weak and now I have an extremely heavyou and chronically painful period every for a week even two weeks consistently it's really affecting me :( has any one had worse problems after there lap I thought it was suppose to make it better 😑

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How long after your lap are you talking? I was similar even when to hospital from the pain and blood in my excitement. It can take quite a few weeks to recover, have you got a 12 week follow up appointment with your gyno ?

Also have you looked at anto inflammatory diets as i have been advised thats another way to manage the symptoms.


Could you call the consultant 's PA for a follow up appointment? Did the surgeon say that your bleeding issues would improve after the surgery?

All the best


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