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trying to avoid a hysterectomy


I have recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis alongside the endometriosis which I was diagnosed with ten years ago. I am 42 years old and at a high risk of osteoporosis so I am trying to avoid having a hysterectomy as I would then have to be put on HRT to help prevent osteoporosis but that has oestrogen in it which could make the endo worse (as found out that endo can carry on even after a hyst). I have been put on the progesterone only pill Cerelle and the idea is that if it works I will be on it 8 years so I can reach a natural menopause. Is there anyone with adeno and endo who has managed to avoid having a hysterectomy? If so, how did you cope with and manage your symptoms? Be grateful for any advice about this.

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I'm awaiting a hysterectomy now for adenomyosis but they leaving the ovaries so no HRT I'm 41 really not happy about it but in so much pain all the time , I was offered a hysterectomy or coil I don't want a coil as loopy on hormones and trying to preserve my mental health also scared to have it inside me irrational I know :( Made sense on paper to have hysterectomy as hormone treatment seems to be a sticking plaster then will end up having hysterectomy anyway but really not sure I'm understanding it all right , but have pre op on Monday .

Have spoke to GP lots about it but only had the one gyne appointment since having lap in april and only had one gyne appointment before that .......all seems really rushed trying to slow it down GP's referred me back to gyne hopefully before i given a op date :( :( .........

I have been seeing a herbalist for other issues who said alot of symptoms of adenomyosis and hormone imbalances can be managed herbally so might be worth going to see a registered herbalist ??? I am going to try that route I think before hysterectomy

although desperate to have an ok day so very tempted for quick hysterectomy fix but don't think it quick and may not even be a fix :( :( it all so confusing.

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Thanks for the reply Alicepirate :) I think I'll keep the ovaries too if a hysterectomy can't be avoided so I don't need HRT as well. I like you have decided not to have the coil and also scared to have it inside me. Yes, I agree it is confusing and I think that it is probably inevitable that I'll end up with a hyst. I'm trying to put it off as long as possible though due to my increased osteoporosis risk the earlier I have a menopause. Yes there are herbal routes and diets that I have read about to help which I think I'll try as well first. I hope that it all works out for you.


Hi! I'm 41 and have been trying to avoid a hysterectomy for the last two years. However, I recently had an ovarian cystectomy and was diagnosed with adenomyosis. My consultant thinks that most of my pain is coming from my sore looking uterus. I need further excision of endo (which is quite severe) and I am 99% certain that I will let him take my uterus as well. Because I have had endometriomas on both ovaries, I don't know if I can keep them.

It's such a huge decision. A friend has endo and adeno and has had amazing relief from the mini pill. The side effects have been pretty severe but she thinks it's worth it to delay a hysterectomy.

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Hi Cookie1975, I also have had endometriomas on both ovaries and they found suspected adenomyosis when I had a lap for the endometriomas. I was told by the consultant that because of my risk of osteoporosis that I should keep my ovaries and hopefully the mini-pill will prevent the growth of new endometriomas, if not I will need another lap for excision of those. I hope it all works out for you.

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