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Help please

Hi guys , after having my third op 6. Months ago for endo stage 4 , previous op included hysterectomy . I am left with one ovary and returning endo this time further into my bowel .

I've never had the energy to fight before so not asked for records etc . My last op the surgeon told me he had removed it all and he wouldn't see me again . Ok -I had heard this before by my last surgeon .

so I also asked him about the fatigue I was badly suffering . He told me that fatigue was not a condition of endo !!! I know this is not true as I have been suffering with it the last 5. Years . This time I want to be ready , I've written and requested all my previous hospital reports and I am now in need of any kind of official paperwork or documents that states fatigue is a symptom of endo . Can anyone help ???? Please

My surgeon is a Bgse registered but not sure about the first op I had . This was private and they went in for prolapse repair and found endo .

Thanks in advance x

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