Really bad day

Hi ladies, sorry in advance of this post goes on a bit. I'm having such a bad day with pain I have took tramadol and co codamol and I'm in agony I can't get comfy at all and its leaving me so irritable and snappy at my boyfriend I feel awful but I just can't help it. This sound silly but I'm so irritable I'm getting annoyed if my onsie moves position because I get uncomfy again. I hate feeling like this, my sickeness today is really bad Iv tried eating but feel sick straight after so I just think what's the point in eating. My gyne receptionist said my lap would be the begging of November but I haven't heard anything. I don't no how much longer I can wait I just seem to be getting worse. I just want to feel normal I treated myself to clothes the other week and I can't wear them because I just want to be comfy in my pjs on bed. I want my life back :( also fed up with the weight gain even though I don't eat much because of feeling sick all the time, my clothes hardly fit me anymore! My doctor wanted me to come off my depression tablets to try and narrow down what's causing the weight gain to try and help. So my depression is bad at the minute which I guess is why I feel like this, I had a blood test this week for my thyroid and see the doctor in 2 weeks. The thing is my clothes still fit around my legs, arms, bum, boos it's just my tummy my clothes are tight so I don't no if it's just swollen. This disease takes over so much it feels like it's took who I was as a person away. Sorry about the rant ladies I'm just glad I can rights down how I feel here without being judged and you ladies can understand. I hope everyone else is doing as well as they can xc

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  • Sometimes you need to rant to those who actually understand.

    Hope you start to feel better soon (even if not physically) xx

  • Even though I am heart broken to read this I almost feel relieved that I'm not the only one who had a day like this! my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner on Friday and I wasted most of it even though I was starving when I sat down. I just feel sick as soon as I start. But I'm still gaining weight like there's no tomorrow! And to add to that I've been a total witch to him all day. I shouted because he left a McDonald's coke cup in my car... never mind the hundreds of tea cups I leave in his! I feel awful but I can't seem to stop because he's the only one who can see me this way and still love me. But seriously I am MOODY! A woman asked me to put my dog on a lead earlier and I could have punched her! Apart from the fact my dog is amazingly well behaved (and I can't bear the pain of holding his lead if he pulls) I am so irritable and on edge I just lose it. I think of my alarm going off for work tomorrow morning and just want to cry. Even though I sleep like a rock for 8 hours a night I wake up and feel like I've run a marathon and haven't slept for a month. it's awful to wake up exhausted, it feels like torture. add to this constant unrelenting agony and you could just murder someone. preferably someone who goes around telling people to put their dogs on a lead. If anyone relates to this let me know, I need you girls x

  • Hey - I've had a bad weekend pain wise and take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone, even though it's horrible to hear that you're suffering too. I am in a foul mood, so irritable from the Zoladex injections I'm having currently and so uncomfortable I keep having moments where I just burst into tears and then get over it in about 2 minutes. My poor boyfriend is a saint and puts up with an awful lot - sometimes I don't know how he deals with it! I'm laying in bed right now unable to sleep because of the pain even though I've taken tramadol and already wishing I could call in sick tomorrow!

    I hope you get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it'll be a happier one for you. X

  • My boyf is a saint too. He's a mechanic and a proper lad so you'd think he wouldn't have a clue but, my God, I'm not joking when I tell you he's the reason I haven't given up on life altogether! ♡

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