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Really really bad period pain it's like I'm in labour every month

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Hi just wondering if anyone els suffers as bad as I do.i have not yet been diagnosed but every time I have a period I be sick I cannot stand up my mum says it's like I'm in labour I cry out in pain an I would be on all fours screaming in pain also I lirrtly can feel the blood clots falling out of me

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It happens to me to... have you been diagnosed with endometriosis?

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They have checked i have not got this

Sorry just read again that you have not been diagnosed. You need to ver seen by an specialist. At some point I thought I was crazy I know what labour pains are like so definitely endo pain is exactly like u are in labour. Xxx

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Yes definitely need to be checked again it's not normal thabks x

It literally feels like my utrues is falling out

I have suffered from large cloths since my teens.... Am 39now and only confirmed Endo 2yrs ago...never ever had any pain until 4mts ago when like u I was left screaming in agony. I took myself to casualty as I was convinced my appendix was about to burst!! Ruled out appendix straight away and was sent to gyne for an ultrasound + internal scan... turns out I Had cysts on my ovaries. Baring in mind I already had 2surgeries and have had cysts like this removed B4 but never had any'just happens to be very painful now because of the area they are growing on. Please ask ur gp to refer u for internal scan... cysts r easy to deal with . Don't b living in pain every month when u can get it sorted.

Thanks anniemac123 good advice I shall be maki g appointment asap

Your situation sounds very serious. You need to book an appointment with an extremely skilled and experienced endometriosis excision surgeon ASAP [This post has been edited in line with Endometriosis UK's code of conduct]. Only a surgeon/gyn with these skills can actually be able to tell you whether you really have endo or not.

You also need to start making some radical changes to your diet and lifestyle and take supplements: a combination of bromelain, nattokinase, serrapeptase will get rid of the blood clots, magnesium, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, zinc are important too, antioxidants such as vitamin C or E or glutathione or astaxanthin are helpful with the pain. Castor oil packs, CBD oil and 500 mg of ibuprofen before the period starts and during your period will help with the pain.

You also need to make significant changes to your diet. You cannot smoke, drink alcohol, have dairy, industrial meat, cured meats such as ham or salami, refined carbs such as bread, pasta, pizza, desserts, unhealthy snacks, coffee. You need to start eating plenty of fish (cod, but especially sardines, mackerel and salmon are good for endo, at least 3-4 times per week), lots of veggies (raw such as salad with carrots, lettuce, beets, cucumber, avocado but also cooked like cauliflower, broccoli and so on), legumes such as peas or chickpeas, some gluten free or "healthy" wholegrains such as quinoa, sweet potato, pasture-raised eggs, fruit and nuts are good too. A tiny piece of dark chocolate is fine.

Chia seeds are good, you can use marine salt, pepper, turmeric, ginger, parsley, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil to cook or as dressings.

Drink only water, matcha green tea, herbal teas, smoothies, water-based kefir.

You also need to sleep 9 to 11 hours per night, get your thyroid and vitamin D levels checked out and especially spend time outdoors everyday (even just for a 10-minute walk).

You can also try acupunture, tui-na massages and myofascial release massage.

Please take care of yourself and your health. Nourish your body and avoid stress, pollution, plastic bottles and containers, non-organic soaps and so on. Do spend some time away from phone, computer, tv screens at least once a week.

Thank you very much youv helped alit

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Rainbow15 in reply to StefaniaJW

Can I ask where you had the Information from about all those changes to your diet? Does that stop endometriosis or just stop the pain? I'm confused as I'm new to all this

Hi, I have had 2 internal ultra sound scans both showing endo on my ovaries. I am 41 & this started when I was 38. The pain you describe is exactly how it feels for me. I have to take dyhydrocodiene, ibruprofen doesn’t touch it. Have you had any pain during ovulation or any other random times like going for a wee or just walking? It comes on suddenly & with periods it can last for days.

The gynaecologist has told me to take the pill but i have read that diet can reduce symptoms so I’m going to give it a go!

I would certainly advise you to be seen by a gynaecologist as it can be a very frightening thing to suffer alone.

Hello as others have said if a general gynecologist did your lap and ruled endo out it can still be endo as not all gynecologist recognise all the ways it can present itself. Also worth looking into other conditions such as adenomyosis

Yes this happens to me.

I have adenomyosis and endometriosis.

It’s exactly like labour and when it’s so bad I go to hospital for morphine as that is the only thing that takes away the horrendous pain.

Are you going through any tests such as laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis or MRI to diagnose adenomyosis?

Like other have said make sure you see a specialist at a BSGE centre.


Hi, I’m so sorry that your in this much pain. For the pat 2 years I’ve been getting pains identical to what you’ve described. I’ve had days where I’m unable to do anything but curl up and cry because the can be so unbearable. My mum said exactly the same to me as well, it looks like I’m in labour, it’s what we told to our GP. You should go to see your Doctor, maybe try going on birth control to see if it helps. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of this.

Hi my doctor told me I can do ivf because I have no children an they wana give me hisorectomy because my paint is jus so bad

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