Watery discharge :-(

Hi all...hoping somebody can offer advice on this as it is ruining everything and at the moment to me, it feels unbearable on top of my pain that goes with the endo! I have a constant watery discharge.it isnt nasty and drs say it is symptom of the endo,but it affects my sex life and everything because i always have to wear a pad or i feel disgusting/dirty...does anyone else have this problem please and is there any solution to help it before my relationship is completely ruined.thanks.

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  • Hi - I replied to your previous post asking what part of the UK you are in but you didn't want to say. This was to determine what treatment you are entitled to. In the UK women with stage 4 endo you must be dealt with in a BSGE centre and the treatment is complete excision. So I don't know if you have had excision in a centre. If not and if you are in England you have a right to request where you want to go. With severe endo you can have any number of symptoms.

  • Thanks for replying again....and for the advice. I am in midlands area and havent had an appointment yet since the laparoscopy to discuss anything further.I wasnt really given any info from anyone except that there was no cure.

  • Hi moley, I have discharge from the front and back. I am not in a relationship due to this. I have severe endometriosis. I am awaiting excision surgery and possible hysterectomy. I just want an end to these horrible symptoms. I know how you feel xx

  • Hi suzywuzy,thanks for the reply.I'm really sorry to hear you have this nightmare problem too :-(.Im waiting for my appointment to discuss my next step...but I was told a hysterectomy doesn't stop the endometriosis growing?it makes me question if such a big op will really help.I hope all goes well with your excision surgery.x

  • Thank you hun. I just want it all to go away. It's so awful to live with. It makes you feel so dirty. Because I have tried all the pills and contraception devices and gnrh injection that I just want everything out to give it the best chance. I have bowel, bladder and nerve symptoms too. No life at all xx

  • You have one of the most highly regarded advanced endo surgeons in Birmingham. There can be objective reasons for having to have a hysterectomy too but the most important thing is that all endo is excised at the same time.

  • Ok thanks.x

  • If you join the FB group (if not already) we can say who it is and give you his bio.

  • Well you have to do what feels right for you and I genuinely know how you must feel because I suffer the same symptoms by the sounds of it. Fingers crossed for you and a good outcome.x

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