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Terrified of Laparoscopy!

Hi Guys, I'm 24 and have my laparoscopy in two weeks. Thing is, I am terrified! I have never had an op, never been under general anaesthetic etc. I am a massive wimp and cry when I think about it as I am so scared! Has anyone else felt like this or does anyone have any tips for me please? Also, I have been told due to my pill and therefore higher risk of blood clots I may have to inject myself 5 days after the op...I am really scared of needles (covered in tats but cant cope with a needle haha) so again scared and no idea how I will bring myself to do this...again, any tips for me? Thank you so much ladies 😊 x

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I found with both of my Lapos they were so different every time first time I was in severe pain and couldn't move for a week my partner and mum had to help me moved however second time I was up within 3 days with not much pain just felt sore, You may feel really bloated and feel really low but don't worry it will go One major bit of advice I can give is plenty of lemonade and mints as the gas they put in your tummy rises up into your shoulders with can cause severe pain but it will go Also lots of hot water bottles for your shoulders hope that helps gd luck


Thank you ! :) They are very good tips so I will make sure I stock up; thank you! :) x


Aww don't be too hard on yourself. I had my first laparoscopy on Monday and I was up and about yesterday, moving around.

I was exactly like you, on Saturday I was shaking with anxiety because I was so worried about going under. However on the day, I surprised myself with how eager I was to just get the op over and done with. The nurses are really nice and before they gave me the anesthetic, they told me to think about happy thoughts. Within an hour I was being woken up in recovery. Couldn't believe how quick it had been.

Ive been diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis so it looks like I'll have to go back for another op. However it's a huge weight off my shoulders knowing the op was worth it.

My advice to you would be to have a pamper evening the night before your op, doing anything you can to take your mind off it. I also bought peppermint tea as I found that helped get rid of the gas. And make sure you rest afterwards.

I hope everything goes well for you and that you get some answers xx


Omg that's just brightened me up a little bit, I cancelled my first lap as I was so petrified I just couldn't get my head around it. I've got my next one next week and I feel a bit better about it tbh I just want to get it over and done with now, I'm just so worried they don't find anything and I'll still be in pain. Xxx

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Aww bless you. I wasn't overly keen on being put under however after years of being fobbed off, I just knew there was an underlying problem to my heavy periods etc.

You'll be fine on the day hun and will surprise yourself on how brave you are. And don't panic about the docs not finding anything, you know your own body and you'll know if something isn't quite right. Fingers crossed for you that you'll start to get some answers xxx

Ps, you're not on your own with this :)

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Thank you! The happy thoughts is a good idea. You have made me feel a bit better as you say it went quickly and I imagine not as bad as you thought. Thank you x


I had two op. It really is not bad. Get some movicol to help constipation though.

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Yes I have been buying things for constipation! Thank you :) x


I was rushed into it as an emergency so I had no time to worry or be scared. This was last Friday. They took my right falopion tube and my eight week along baby. Oddly enough I just had another major surgery five months prior non related. First off I would suggest try to think positive, and you need this surgery, this will help you in the long run. Look more into what could happen if you don't get this done rather than what could go wrong if you do. Any surgery sucks, and I really hate how doctors minimalize some surgeries because they see it everyday. This is seen as a simple procedure until it's your body getting this done. Don't expect anyone who hasn't been through surgery to fully understand. It's hard and it hurts. The side effects of the gas they pumped me with were the worst of all I was bloated for days I felt like a bottle of pop that someone shook up. When I would lay I could feel the gas bubbles shifting inside me. In order to rid that gas you must move around and you must poop. I oppted out of the meds they had given me as I'm mostly all natural don't eat very much meat ect. The constipation will be your worst nightmare. I thought I would pop I was so full of gas n pooh. here's what I did: surgery Friday night at ten pm. By Saturday morning up and at em walking the halls of hospital on all of their meds. Saturday am around eight was my last pain pill. If your not good with pain use the pain meds because it hurt so bad I thought I would die!! OK so got home only intake foods that unconstapate you. Like wheat bread with peanut butter or blueberries or oatmeal. No potatoes no dairy, look it up :) then I took Natural Calm from Natural Vitality it's magnesium powder really helps you relieve. Also 1000 mg cold-pressed flax oil and some really good probiotics (pill form kept in fridge) and most importantly prune juice. Also take vitamin c and turmeric. For me the gas was worse than the cuts all the way through me! Be ready for combat. I just couldn't understand why I was being fed pain pills that constipated me and taking laxatives for that. Though most swear by the meds..... Also a thought. Do some sit ups try to strengthen that area. This is where u will have the advantage. It will be unpleasant bending your pelvic area afterwards. You can't push to pooh. So make sure your abs sent sore when surgery but I would work them before. Also pooh right before surgery. You will be great. This is a common surgery and your docs probably done it many times. You will be great. Once you get there everything moves so fast before you know it your waking up from surgery. Have lots of support and help ready at home. I needed help with everything! But everyday it gets better. You got this chick!! <3


Thank you so much for this; it has put me at ease and good tips there too! Thank you :) x



You're exactly the same as I was! I'm 21, never had any kind of operation before, and was really really nervous about my laparoscopy. Apart from the long wait to get it done, it actually flew by. General anaesthetic no problems.

Woke up a bit confused that they hadn't even done anything, since I wasn't in much pain.

I was diagnosed with endo, and they removed a patch of it during the lap, had to make another teensy cut on my bikini line.

I would advise to take along someone you love who can distract you for a while! Maybe someone you wouldn't normally get to spend the day with? It's a really lovely way to take your mind of things, even nicer when they're there to take you home after.

Also, don't worry too much about the blood clots, they have to mention it to everyone, but its not a consequence you should be stressed about.

Get a friend/parent to help with the needle? I haven't head of that being done before, but definitely ask for help!

Hope everything goes well for you next week. Try and stay busy in the meantime!



Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease :) Thank you :) x


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