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Laparoscopy on 23rd October. Terrified they might not find anything.


I am 23 and I have suspected endometriosis. The consultant has arranged a laparoscopy for me, which is due in a month or so. I have read previous posts on this forum that girls have had their first laparoscopy and nothing appeared to be wrong. I have read that the early stages of endometriosis is invisible to the naked eye and only by having a biopsy can someone tell. I will request a biopsy prior to surgery if they cannot find anything. My pain is real, it is not in my head. I think since I began my period at 13/14 things haven't be right down there: excruciating pain during sex, spotting, irregular periods (no periods for the last year due to taking depo), lower back pain, pelvic pain, pain when making a stool, etc.

Does anyone know what my options are if they do not find endometriosis? I will ask for a biopsy, but is there a way to manage the symptoms. I cannot make love with my fiancé due to the pain, walking for long periods agitates it, etc.

Any advice, experiences? The gyno said my symptoms could indicate a number of things, and endometriosis is not typically found until you are 30.

I am also worried about being under general anaesthetic - it'll be my first time. Reassurance would be great! Thank you xxx

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Ok, well in regards to the general anaesthetic, please please don't worry about it. I had my first laparoscopy on Tuesday and I was very nervous about the anaesthetic more than the actual surgery. I made sure that everyone was aware how nervous I was and they were all absolutely fantastic with me and very reassuring. I woke up and actually felt fine other than feeling a bit sore and achey. Unfortunately for me they didn't find endo but have suggested I may have irritable bowel syndrome as my bowel was blocked. This wasn't what I was hoping for as it doesn't give any explanation for the pain I've been in and other symptoms. Once I'm feeling better I'm going back to my doctor to discuss what the next step of action is.


Do you know WHY the endo isn't commonly found until your 30's? It's because it takes YEARS and doctor after doctor visits until one of them says "let's open you up and see why". I am on the depo now for about 7 months. Has it helped reduce any of your pain? I started mine after my surgery, so I guess technically I started with more of a "clean slate" with it.

Not finding endo is part of the journey - believe me it is better not to have endo - but it still needs more investigation because something is making you experience the symptoms.

After failing to spot endo or the signs of endo like adhesions, the next on the list tocheck for is adenomyosis which is separate to endo, but has much the same monthly cycle and is only found inside the uterus muscle walls and won't be seen on a lap op. It cannot spread everywhere like endo can but can be just as painful each month if not more so.

A lap is never a waste of time, even if it doesn't find endo it narrows down the search.

Your fallopian tubes can be checked to make sure they are still tubes and the ovaries can be checked that they are in the right place. Biopsies will be taken of any tissue suspected of being endo - you don't need to ask for that - it is routine.

If you are due a smear test that can be done too.

If you want to get the mirena coil put in this is the best opportunity for that to happen too, just call the surgeon's secretary to add that to the list of things to be done.

always best done when you are knocked out and won't feel a thing. Or you could compromise and say that you will get the mirena put in only if they find endo or signs of adeno.

Don't worry - there are always a lot of answers to be gained by having a lap, whether or not endo is found.

I had a lap which was clear back in 2011 four months after I gave birth. My pains had subsided when I was pregnant so I was sure it was endo. I was devastated when they said 'good news everything looks great' later I discovered my uterus was enlarged and inflamed which I am now wondering could be adenomyosis. Anyway I have suffered since then and the pains just got worse and worse. My pains are everyday so I just thought it can't be endo. Fast forward to this July and I had another lap due to have pain now around my ovaries and guess what! Endo!

My consultant thinks that first they didn't know all the different appearances of endo and second that maybe as my periods were just starting to come back after birth that it was in very early stages of growing again.

Please insist on them doing biopsies, if I had known this it could of saved me another 3 years of agony and other terrible things that happened as a by product of being ill. Good luck xx

Hi there, just at the other end of the spectrum. I was worried that I had maybe lead my doctors wrong and they wouldn't find anything. When they got in there all of my organs were stuck together, stage four. They managed to separate a whole bunch of things (including whipping out my appendix). All in all, I'm not glad that I have endo, but I am supper glad to know whats going on. For year and years, I've been telling them they are missing something. Now I know. Good luck, however it turns out.

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