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Pain with sitting down?

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Does any one else get pain when they sit in certain positions? I find sitting normally on a chair I get pain in my back hips and sometimes down my legs. Like a dull ache.

I've asked many doctors about this and they said it's not a symptom of endometriosis so I was wondering if anyone else gets this?

Thanks x

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I can't sit in normal chair at all. Pain in back is constant hips are sore legs tingle and sometimes all way to feet. I find the only position I'm comfortable in is laid down on side in featul position. I haven't been diagnosed. (Going through process) I can't sit at all around ovulation shooting pains up both ends unbearable xx

I have pelvic floor dysfunction and endo, my main symptom for pfd was pain with sitting, I'm 17 so don't think you don't have it, with endo it's fairly common. Try to find a pelvic floor physiotherapist in your area.

Hi yes it is a symptom of endo. The uterosacral ligaments have nerves that run along them which join into the sciatic nerve, so if you have endo on these the pain is referred through those nerves. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your replies, for so long I've been made to feel like I'm making it up or told that it must be something else causing the pain!

This all makes sense now, I know I have endo on my pouch of Douglas. Thank you so much, it's amazing that so many doctors don't make this association!

I have endo on my right uterosacral ligament and I have pain my lower back and right hip. Sitting can be difficult, I can only sleep in certain positions, and i'm also starting to find driving gives me noticeable pain. Sigh.


I also have endo on my US ligaments and pouch of Douglas and I have constant pain when sitting in a chair. The pain is in my pelvis and also my back. I suffer with sciatic pain too. It's definitely all connected. After my lap the back pain went away and then over the months afterwards, as the pelvic pain came back so did the back and sciatic pain and it's never gone. I sleep with a cushion between my knees which helps me get to sleep but I still wake up feeling rubbish and sore. Electric heat pad helps me get through the day.

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mchacon8611 in reply to NS2408

I had an excision laproscropy surgery done last year for the endometriosis and pain I was experiencing. I also had another surgery in 2012. For both surgeries I had a mesh put in my back and one in my abdomen. I am also experiencing the same symptom you are. I thought at first it was bc I sit too much at work so I bought a chair cushion, insoles and have tried a lot of stretching and physical therapy for neuropathy. My piriformis muscle tends to hurt and feels tight at times. I feel tingling from my lower back down to my feet and at the end of the day my feet are sore and they tend to cramp up. Or If I walk too much within the hour or 2 my feet start to hurt. I have been examined in my pelvis and abdomen for endo. It was spreading to other organs, but this time around I don't know what it could be. Will be seeing my GYNO regading this issue. It's very aggrevating and hard to diagnosed as my doctors already know I have this issue, but seem to dismiss it.

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Bernie82 in reply to NS2408

I’m so glad I’ve looked on here tonight I’ve cried the past two nights because of the pain. I had my lap in June last year and progressively the pain has become worse in my left utersacral ligament. I have daily pelvic pain and sitting is almost impossible. I also have awful sciatica and try to stretch it out as it’s constantly pulling. Literally no pain meds touch it!

I'm actually feeling so emotional reading your comments, everything you've all described is exactly what I'm experiencing. The cushion between your knees sleeping, pain when driving, pain in the back and legs... For 5 years doctors have told me it's phantom pain then even when I was diagnosed last November I've then been told my pain isn't endo.

Honestly thank you so much for your replies, I finally feel like I'm not imagining things and I'm not crazy!

I feel the same it's literally the most comforting to know I'm not the only one with these symptoms. 10 years of doctors telling me it was normal period pain.

Yes hunny alot of the time i experience pain in hips pelvis area and lover back too. Xxx

Hiya HollyFrances, I have the same problem! I sit at a desk all day and it's so difficult sitting down I am having to do 50% of sitting and 50% of standing at work

Yes, on my pain week, sitting down is like sitting on a knife going up my right side into my ovaries. And if I sit down quickly- sometimes there’s a yelp of pain! X

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