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Hi everyone I am new on here I feel lost i had pain in my back my hips my rip's my hip's my thighs. i good not walk for long & standing up 4 a long time made it really bad too & my doctor side it's sounds like to much like endometriosis never heard of it. so I had a laporoscopy done in September good thing is they said I did not have it had biopsies done & come back with cronic inflammation I have been in pain since February 😔 now my gynaecology sent me to a specialist nurse for physio she side don't know y your gynaecology has sent u to me so she side I referred u back to your gynaecology so now gotta to talk about cronic inflammation. & still getting pain in back in my rip's that comes & gose😦

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If you don't have endometriosis then not a lot of us can help since for the most part a lot of us have only experienced the symptoms.

Do you mean chronic pelvic Inflammatory disease?

I had PID for about a week and it was pretty painful but after I went on antibiotics it went down and never came back. But if it's left untreated for a long time it will become chronic.

Are you taking any NSAID's? Those will keep down the inflamation.

What do you mean biopsies? Was it an adhesion they found or just from your uterus?

Also have you heard of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? That might explain the back and hip pain and why she sent you to physiotherapy.

Have you heard of Intersestinal Cystis or painful bladder disease?

Have you had an X-ray of your spine? I'm asking because rib pain and hip pain at the same time are an indicator of scoliosis.


Hi hannah yeah they thought it was pid but no signs of it had X ray but good not see anything.on that my doctor did say something about ibs that good be that was all confusing what pain was the really bad pain was the palvic area aww the burning pain was horrible 😣they took biopsies from the wall of the palvic area like I side be for come back cronic inflammation that's all it says it am actually waiting for result from mri scan right hannah more likely on the wrong site but thought come on see if been in same thing as me. Thanks for advice to take care XX🖒



That's a link on chronic inflammation.

Ok so endometriosis is the tissue of the womb growing outside of the womb. When they do a biopsy they remove tissue and identify it by doing a series of tests. If you had endometriosis it would come out as endometriosis because endo naturally has its own structure.

Chronic inflammation could be caused by anything and if your doctor mentioned IBS it's probably around your bowel and for that reason you need to see a doctor for your bowel and stomach. Burning rib pain tends to be a sign of stomach issues.



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Thank you hannah for all your advice I appreciate it u take care 😉X🖒


I agree with much of what Hannah117 has said.

However, it may help you if you can talk to the trained advisors at 'Endo UK'. They host this site, and there is a link to their website at top of this page, where you should find phone and email links to them. It would help to have all your letters and results with you, so you can read off (or type off, if you email them) some of the exact details of your treatment so far. If you don't have copies of all the letters and results, try to get them from the different Medics.

It depends how specialised the medics doing the laparoscopy were, as non-endo specialists do not always recognise the different forms of endo, or don't know how to access it in all its hiding places, and even may not have the surgical skills to remove some types. You need to know more about the Lap, really. Hence try to find out more about exactly what was done and by who.

Are you in the UK, or the US? If in the UK, and it is endometriosis, then you need to be seen by a specialist 'Endo' Gynaecologist, these are at specialist BSGE Clinics. Read around on this site as much as possible to learn more, or check past posts by 'Lindle' for more info. I'm not sure what the route is, now, if you are in the US.

Sadly, for all of us with endo - wherever we are - endometriosis is still a largely misunderstood and ignored condition, with lots of doctors and even gynaecologists being ignorant about many aspects of it and its treatment. To battle through, we need to become our own best experts.

If it really is not Endo, I'm not sure what the next step is. If the pain is being caused by a back or joint problem, then that needs to be investigated. But as you have been told you have inflammation I would expect anti-inflammatories to have been give. So sorry, it sounds like you have to keep on trying to get more answers, and more treatment, but do try to find out as much for yourself from this site as possible.

NB when you say 'rips' do you mean ribs? I don't know if such pain is sometimes associated with Endo.

Take care.


Hi i from uk O sorry about that yeah I mean rib's 😁see i get burning pain in my rib's & i got burning pain really bad be for the op in my palvic area they took biopsies from the wall of the palvic area & the results come back cronic inflammation now just got to wait to see my gynaecology thank you for advice you take care too


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