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Dont kno what to do

I have had pain in my pubic mound and groin since April last year.

I now see a physiotherapist who says i have an upslip pelvis, sprained pubovesicle ligament and strained distal insertion the rectus abdominus.

I see a gynie today who said i could haveEndemetriosis.

She told me to take the pill microgynon for 3 months and if the pain goes away then i haveEndemetriosis.

How am i going to know if its that i have endo or if the physio has solved my problems above if i take the pill?

Physio says to postpone dont take the tablets for a month and allow her to work on me. But she has said because my nan had endo i am likely to have it. But she says best way for endo is diet...

Please help thanks


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Hi Carly the only way to really find out if it is endo is to have a laparoscopy. If you have a close relative with it this increases your chances of having it.

So my advise would be to push for a lap to find out. Taking the pill will only mask the symptoms at best.

Good luck.


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