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Has anyone had problems with bladder since having c section?????

Sorry ladies. I'm just preparing myself for consultants in couple weeks and want to be aware of possibilities what could be up with me and maybe mention them to consultant if need be. I'm going with all my symptoms and I diary for past few month of pain etc. Just would appreciate any info on anyone's experience with c section and bladder problems blood in urine pressure frequency etc? Thank in advance

By the way my c section was nearly 3 year ago and my symptoms have been since may this year x

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Hi , I did not have a c section but I have endo in and on my bladder. I have a lot of blood in my urine every day, pain when going for a wee and need to wee about every forty minutes. Really feel for anyone going through this as as I know How bad it can get, it has over my life. Explain your symptoms in detail and keep a diary of how often you wee. I hope you get some answers soon. Xx Sam X


Thanks for that mine seems to be getting worse when I was pregnant I recall the doctors saying a trace of blood now the blood is substantial every day and I can't keep my bladder full or even drink the amount I'm supposed to other wise I can't get nothing done. Just toilet every 15 20 minutes on top of a load of other rubbish. Thanks for your reply. Hope your OK x


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