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At a loss... Endo and Factor V Mutation

I'm brand new to this group, and I came because I'm completely at a loss. I found out recently that I have Endometriosis. I fully expected it because it runs in my family. The problem is, I have it in combination with Factor V Mutation, a rare blood clotting disorder. This means that I cant take any hormone based birth control, which was my doctor's first option for relief.

I dont know what my other solutions could be. My research has turned up with no possible options. I dont plan on ever having children, so that's not an issue, and even that isn't making my search any easier. I was hoping that maybe someone here had gone through something similar and had some ideas

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As I was trying for a baby when I got diagnosed my doctor prescribed me some codeine and diclofenac sodium as obviously I couldn't go on the pill either.

Don't know if that's any help?


Valtarol suppositories 100mg are a good source of pain relief , the pill did not work for me X x


Hi can't you take progesterone only pill? I was put on that I have factor 2 prothrombin gene mutation .


Hi i have had shocking results of weeks of bleeding with the pill so i know where you are coming from. I'm trialing the mirena and so far getting bleeds every 2 weeks but so much less pain and tonnes lighter then before. I also had the deprovera for a few years which was a god send, its a shame that i can't be on it anymore. Can you have any of these 2 options ?


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