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Chronic fatigue?

Hi all,

I've been (finally!) diagnosed with endo this weekend after my 2nd lap (and 8 years of waiting!) I know fatigue is a symptom and I was wondering if anyone else is affected by this and how you deal with it? I really really struggle to the point where I need to sleep in the afternoons and I find it's getting progressively worse.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)




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B6 and bananas is all I can recommend X x


I suffer with extreme tiredness due to stage four endo. I try not to let it take over my life though and find just staying busy helps (weirdly!) then I just crash in the evenings when I get home.

As much as you think it's the last thing you want to do when you're so tired, I find that exercise helps massively. I am essentially forced to do it as I'm a fitness instructor (as much as I struggle some days!) so it makes me do exercise as I teach classes at lunchtime every day but I always feel so much better afterwards. I'm pretty certain it helps.

I'' pretty sure if I let myself I would probably sleep all afternoon every day but because I'm on my feet and moving around it just stops me thinking about it.

I also firmly believe that diet has a big impact. I feel a lot better when my diet is good. Bear in mind sugar can cause inflammation so too much of it cannot be good for endo sufferers. I also find cutting back on gluten rich foods helps too.

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What worked for me is going to bed at a normal time routinely and also keeping my mind active and focused.almost working you brain out e.g read,learn,bake,colour in ect. Anything will help you pass the window of napping.



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