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Please help 😩

I had endometriosis n they removed it earlier this year n put me on cerazelle, since then months later my tummy is bigger than ever n I've been told I have IBD now n they think the endometriosis has gone, my faecal Calprotectin was 254 n my diarrhoea was awful n every day, my colonscopy came bk normal n just waiting for my biopsies, but the consultant said my values weren't high enough to be IBD so she said it was IBS, I'm gutted n in so much pain everyday, especially in my tummy, any advice would be so helpful 😞

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Hi - do you have the surgeon's report to see whether your pelvis was thoroughly searched searched at the lap, where endo was found and how it was treated?


Hi, no I don't, it was burnt out apparently x


IBS is so often a misdiagnosis for endo affecting the bowel that is regularly missed in general gynaecology. Burning or 'thermal ablation' only treats the surface of endo lesions and is unlikely to have been effective. I suggest you obtain a copy of the report sent to your GP to see where the surgeon looked and what was found. If you are in England I should request a referral to a BSGE centre. I'll send you a private message.


Thank u, rung up hospital to ask n they r ringing me bk so will see


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