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Help - Bladder issues post laparoscopy


I had extensive operation on my ureter, bladder, and rectum among other areas in 12/09/2016. I had catheter for a couple of weeks and it was removed yesterday. I had cystogram to check the bladder integrity and the result was good.

However since then I am having problem with my bladder. I can't feel whether it is full or empty. I also have difficulty in voiding. By searching on the internet I discovered Valsalva Maneuver to help voiding. So it is not too bad now.

Wonders any ladies here had similar experiences? Is it part of recovery process or should I be worried? Probably I will contact the consultant PA on Monday. Don't want catheter back in again though. 😥

Many thanks.

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Hi I recently had a catheter in for 3 days not from surgery though but urine retention from a uti, I only had it in for 3 days and after having it removed it took 3 whole days before my bladder started to actually empty properly again, i was very worried as I really didn't want another one put in, at the hospital they wanted to put another one in as on the bladder scan I was retaining a bit but I couldn't face it, so once it got going i did start to empty more and I had to go alot for a few days.

I hope this helps, i know our situation is different so just wanted to let you know my experience after having a catheter removed..x


Thank you very much for letting me know. It is really helpful. Hopefully my situation will improve soon.

Best wishes x

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