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Coming off mini pill to try natural methods

Hi :)

I'm smiling even though my womb currently hates me 😂

My consultant put me on the Cerazette mini pill in January 16 following an op to remove an ovarian cyst as during the op they found widespread Endo. Since being on the pill I have the most irregular periods ever sometimes heavy and 3 days sometimes just dark coloured spotting which lasts weeks. It's driving me mad and sometimes I get 2 heavy periods in a few weeks both of which are more painful than before I came off the pill.

I'm a bit of a loon and worry about health stuff more than I should, I want to come off the pill but I'm scared that a) my Endo has got worse so my periods will be a million more times painful and b) the side effects of coming off the pill will be terrible.

During my op I also had to have an ovary removed so that adds even more to the mix of making me think my hormones are f***ed up!

Any advice or experiences would be so helpful... I feel like the doctors are just unwilling to consider any alternative methods, I'm already 90% on the Endo diet and am currently weaning myself off refined sugar which is the only bit I don't currently follow. I also do yoga 5 times per week and walk frequently to work and walk my dog a lot so I'm really committed to trying anything non medical as such I'm just worried about coming off the pill.

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Hi there.

I was diagnosed with endo in 2010 which was three years after having IVF before this time I had experienced painful periods but they were over with quickly and were only when having my period.

After having IVF and them giving me too many drugs that it over stimulated my ovaries I experienced the endo symptoms. It was this that made me decide to let nature do some work and try to rid my body of awful drugs.

So 6 years on I am doing fine, I get pains at certain times of the month, my periods are heavy but short and regular. I have experienced discomfort in other places of by abdomen which doctors put down to endo after investigation but I definitely don't experience some of the daily horrific, painful symptoms like some of the ladies on this forum. Or any I'll effects of drugs.

Like you I excercise regularly, I really watch my sugar intake as this I have found affects my gut health and gives me thrush. I don't follow a special diet, but a healthy one with little bread, lots of fresh fruit n veg, fish, white meat, low in fat and minimal processed type foods.

I think the natural way isn't for everyone but you know your own body and if you think it's worth a try, then you have nothing to lose.

Good luck 🍀 😊



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