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hospital nightmare

Hi, im not really sure what to write as im new to this, its just gotten so stressful i feel like i need help elsewhere. I've been suffering with 'undiagnosed endometriosis' for about 2 years now, i've seen people saying their doctors are no help but i feel like i have the oppisite problem, my doctors in my loval surgery are normally very sympathetic and try and help, but everytime i go to the hospital they refuse to even try and do the sugery to diagnose it, its been a complete nightmare honestly, the last time i went there the woman told me my syptoms didn't match the endometriosis syptoms, but its the same ones on the nhs website and the endo website? So i'm left more confused and stressed, its getting to the point where i basically live in fear of a flare up (having one today in work) and i cant even take the day of because technically its 'undiagnosed' which means its not covered for me to be off, i really dont know how to make the hopsital take me serious and not leave me feeling like a nutcase who makes up pain and sickness for some sort of laugh, anyone any suggestions to make them take notice of it?


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Have they given you any reasons why they're refusing to do a laparoscopy?


they've just said my age, i'm 21 but other than that the doctor in the hospital said she doesn't think its that due to symptoms but its the same ones most people get and on this website and the nhs so im kind of confused


I feel your pain. Its taken me 3 years to get taken seriously even by a GP - and then when I finally got referred on to a gynae, he just said "Oh it's ibs, your symptoms don't fit endo at all" and refused to do anything for me. I finally got fed up and asked to be referred to a BSGE specialist, who after hearing my symptoms immediately said "You need a laparoscopy asap, we need to see what's going on". I got a lap date 2 weeks after my initial consultation (paying for it privately though). His NHS waiting list is a good few weeks longer but still not too bad.

I'd suggest looking for an endo specialist accessible in your area and specifically requesting referral to them. Waiting times may be a little longer but you can guarantee they know what they're talking about and will listen and take you far more seriously. Don't let anybody fob you off with the age thing either - I'm 23 and my young age wasn't even a consideration before they offered me a lap.


awww it sounds like they're worse with you!! ill look into a specialist and ask my doctor about this, thanks very much! hopefully they wont give me silly excuses this time!! thanks very much for the help x

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