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I recently had one of my ovaries and Fallopian tube removed a week ago due to me having a massive cyst and endo. Since being out of the hospital, I've had some difficulty with bowel movements. I've been straining and it really has made me feel even worse than right after surgery. Since I've been straining to release my bowels my abdomen feels like it has dropped and has caused me even more pain. I spoke with my doctor and he told me to try to take it easy and stay on the stool softeners. I feel like I've over done it and now I'm still having abdominal pain. Any suggestions on what to do?

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Hey! I had exactly the same problem after both of my laps I had one in Jan and one in April. Just wait it out trust me it took me about a week to 10 days both times to have a normal movement and it was a bit painful but then all good afterwards. The first time I didn't really want to eat but the second time I just ate healthily but 3 meals a day and it was the same.

Other tips that helped me

Orange Juice

Fresh fruit

Trying not to think about it.

Good luck with recovery :) X



I also had this problem after both my laps and found Lactulose invaluable. You can get it quite cheaply at the chemists. I think I took about 15ml morning and evening but you'd have to trial it to see how it affects you and how much you need.

I hope that your recovery goes well from here x


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