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So since I've been going through diagnosis and treatment the past 2 years I haven't had too many social outings due to my restrictive diet, pain etc. It seems silly but I used to have many friends and would receive about 40 birthday messages and yesterday I only got 4 from family members. I know it's not a major problem but I wanted to ask if anyone else ever felt lonely with this and have lost friends? Thanks Emily

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  • I got my first period when I was 8 and ever since then I would keep losing friends b/c I never went 2 school, no one invited me to parties after.

    I'm grade 8, I missed 2 months to school because of endo and medical testing, I came back to school and people were saying I was faking when I was saying I was sick to the teacher and running to the washroom crying clutching my stomach. I couldn't tell anyone I had something because the doctors had no idea.

    I made a lot of friends the last 2 years in grade 10 and 11, then I got worse in Febuarary and my health just kept decling. I found out what endo was by my Gynacologist who won't do surgery (b/c I'm too young) but swears I have it. I was getting in trouble in drama b/c we were doing a play and I was never there so I decided to tell them I had endo and my group in drama. A lot of them don't understand what it is, one of them even blamed me for it saying it was an std and tried to put me down, I simply told her I've been suffering for 9 years after my first period. A lot of people have stopped talking to me because some think I'm dirty for having endo and others just don't see me anymore since I'm never at school.

    But now I think it's a matter of telling people exactly what Endo really is, at first some people are grossed out because of "eww periods" but once they understand it is actually the debilitating disease it truly is they're more understanding.

    I would try to look for support groups in your city where you'll find more understanding people, remember endo isn't something you have to fight on your own.

  • Definitely. I really miss my old life before endo appeared, I have lost some friends as they just didn't want to know and wasn't there for me. I miss socialising, I get to go out sometimes but nowhere near as much as I used to x

  • Know exactly how you feel, I've lost friends, some family and also my jobs 🙁

    But the ones that count will always be there.

    Hope your ok x

  • I too know exactly what you mean. I've lost loads of friends and even some family stop inviting me places as I've had to cancel or leave early so many times. Or if I do go I get blamed for being in a bad mood. Or the other extreme when I get told I look ok so must be ok and am just faking it. It's a really lonely disease as others can't see it or appreciate the effects.

    I just keep hoping I'll get my life back when I finally get the right treatment but I'm losing patience.

  • Sorry to hear ...! And yes I went from having many of ppl around and gatherings to just me and my daughters ...! I have hysterectomy next mth and feel like I have no one :-(

  • I'm the same. Before I had endo I lost, or found it too difficult to maintain, many friendships due to other debilitating health conditions. With endo it just added a new layer as I found the surgery took me so long to recover from, I could not keep up with others and I couldn't meet them or go out for the day as I was basically stuck at home.

    Friendships are such hard work. I think losing these relationships is quite common regardless of the disease or health problem. People want to know and be around others who can do things, and who are fun and cheerful.

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