Feeling Lost and pissed off!!!

I have stage 4 end that is effecting my bowel. I have had to give up work because of the fatigue and pain and so I have also has to give up where I live and go back to my Mum's house, at 38 this is really difficult as I have always been independent. I am due to have an operation to separate my bowel from my uterus on the 18th of September and am hoping that will make a significant difference. I am doing lots of positive things to look after myself like eating healthy, resting, taking vitamins and seeing a herbalist but am just feeling really pissed off that this terrible disease has taken away so many aspects of my life as I am normally really active and have a very active and full life.

Thanks for reading just need to complain today!!!!!

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I am sorry to hear this, It is a horrid disease and can really impact upon peoples lives. There needs to be more awareness in the medical world and with the layperson so we do not feel so alone. I also have it on my bowels and its really impacted on my life. On a positive I have read some of the past posts surrounding Endo and bowels and there are some success stories; I hope your op is successful and that you are one of them too :) Take care x

Hi, thanks for your reply, I agree with you, hardly anyone I have told has heard of it. And yes there are some really positive success stories and I hope we both have positive outcomes too. My operation is at a BSGE centre so I know am going to get good care. By the way I really like your picture badge, I find it very inspiring! Good luck to you too x

Owe thank you 😊

And that's great you are going to a BSGE ! I didn't even know there were such places until someone on here told me about them . It's such a great community and if the outside world don't understand us at least we can support each other . Good luck and let me know how it goes x

Thank you, I will do x

Hi Jane, I know how you feeling on this one Hun, I two am at stage 4 and my bowl is fused as well as my ovary to my uterus and bladder, I am incontinent because of it which really gets to me the most, I am just waiting for the referral my surgeon has done for me to the endo specialist, he has told me I will need surgery on my bladder and another on my bowl, (fun times) NOT hope all goes well with ur surgery x

Hi Jane! Hope your surgery goes well x I hear your pain. My case is nowhere near yours but I agree that people need to be educated. I hate when I say that I'm having a bad day because of pain and being bloated and not fitting in any proper clothes and I hear a response that I had a surgery so maybe I ate something bad. It's not an appendix! Just because we have a surgery endo does not disappear. It can improve our health but as we stand at the moment there is no cure. I used to hide the fact that I have endo not wanting it to define me. But recently I started talking about it openly (well, spearing the details). It's difficult-I don't want people to be sorry for me, there are much worse conditions. I just want them to understand that it's so annoying and unpredictable. The pencil skirt that I ironed for tomorrow might need to be swapped to smart-ish sweatpants x

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