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Advice/support/love required xx :)

Sorry to moan - I really try not to but I just don't know what to do/think anymore.

After years and years of undiagnosed pain, I had my appendix out a couple of years ago. They could tell it had been scarred so were pretty sure that was the root of the problems. However a pain carried on and earlier this year I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy where they found some (apparently not loads of) endometriosis. Months on from that and I'm still getting very odd bouts of pain.

I can literally be totally fine one minute and the next minute in agonising curled-up pain spreading right from the pelvic area up to my chest.

Also (and sorry for too much info but guess none of us will be too squeamish on here) but I get frequent clots but not near my period? In addition I had a terrible gush the other day. Thinking it was my period starting early, I rushed upstairs and it honestly looked like poo?!! After some research I'm wondering if it's an endometrioma? Has anyone had this? Has anyone any advice? Has anyone ever been to A&E before because of the pain or just sat through it? I'm really one to try and sit it out but it's becoming quite depressing now.

My consultant had said to give it a few months - he hadn't seemed too worried but as the months have passed now, I'm going back to see him on Saturday.

I had a bout of pain two nights ago and can still feel a niggling twisty pain really low.

Hoping someone out there knows how I am feeling. I sit here at work just putting up with things and not saying anything to anyone.

I do also have PCOS and struggling at the moment with a bit of weight gain (I'm still in the lower side of normal BMI-wise though so I know no-one would think that a worry).

Sending love to all you ladies out there suffering - genuinely ... it's terrible xx

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Oh bless ya, so sorry to hear you suffering.

I prob not much help to you, but hated to see no-one had replied to your post. Didn't want you to feel ignored. I'm sure others have read your post too.

All I can say is that you know your body best, so if you feel something isn't right then keep pestering the dr. I know easier to say than do as yes I am guilty of just getting on with it and giving up with drs as they have never listened or bothered or done much before. But all it takes is one and things can change. Is there a gp you get on with better than the others or even a nurse practitioner...they can be better than drs some times I have found.

As you prob know just because they say you haven't much endo, you can still suffer. It one of those mysteries about it that some with lots don't suffer and some with little do and vice versa! But also if they didn't do anything to try help and even if they did it most likely will have grown.

Also it could most likely be cysts causing you all this pain.

I hope you get listened to soon x x best of luck with it x x


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