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Chronic pain :-(

I am writing on here as I am struggling quite a bit. I suffered ectopic pregnancy Dec 2011 and had my left tube removed. The year before I was diagnosed with endo. I took clomid but I wasn't monitored and I blame this for the ectopic. My 16 year relationship broke down a year after ectopic. I also fell very poorl after the ectopic and got transferred from York hospital care to Leeds. Had surgery Jan 2013 as my ovary had got attached to pelvic wall and I was in constant pain. I wasn't able to work for most of 2012. I was ok for a short while then started feeling a bit poorly so in sept 2015 I had another op where they divided adhesions and took out the endometriosis. In March 2016 started passing out again. Then middle of Aug felt something stick whilst I was away with my sis and I ended up in a@e. I have been in constant pain since midfle of Aug and unable to work. Now I'm on my own I've had to go stay with my mum and dad as I'm going through a divorce. I told a couple friends I wasn't well a few wks prior to something stick which I suspect is my ovary and one of my best friends was really horrible to me. I'm 36 and I've tried to explain what endometriosis is but during my battle with it and numerous operations I have lost the people I thought were my friends. I wish they believed me when I say I'm in pain. I've just replaced the pill with depo injection which has eased it slightly but I'm still not right. Saw consultant in Leeds and they said there aren't many specialists in Leeds area. I'm sure cutting into women and taking bits out you want to think that they know what thy are doing. I am so scared living with this on my own. I've barely heard from people I thought were friends. I have never felt so isolated: I can't keep going to my mum and dad as they both in their 60s and I don't want to worry them but I've no where else to go. I have no children and that breaks my heart too, I tried for 5 years and failed Ivf and ectopic pregnancy. I Just want someone to fix me properly: pain like something nipping something inside me real tight and other times it feels like barbed wire. I was also bullied at work not so long ago, Yep bullied by a female who made up stories and turned my team against me. I don't know what I did wrong but that has added to the stress. I've been let down and lied to by so many people. It's a battle every day living with this. If there are any endo sufferers living in York please get in touch. I really could do with meeting other people living with this. Are there any on here had operations that have helps remove most of the endo successfully. If you have could I have details. Thanks

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I'm so sorry you are suffering so much - it very much reflects my own experience effectively being divorced for having endo. There are 3 specialist endo centres in Yorkshire and you can see whoever you want anywhere in the country under NHS Choices. I'll send you a private message.


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