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Hi I am brand new to this forum and really glad I have found it. I am due surgery on 7th Oct for removal of 2 cysts, adhesion separation and endo removal (the consultant said she would be peeling all of the endo off all of the surfaces and covering it in a barrier gel) this sounds horrible- has anyone else had this done? I've been told I will need a catheter and overnight stay which seems excessive for laparoscopic surgery? I am wondering how long I will need off work, again does anyone know what is likely? I am off work at the moment, had a really bad bout of pain and nausea - I expect to go back to work nex week and still have another 3 weeks to wait for surgery (and that's private!). I have had a permanently distended abdomen since March and look around 7 months pregnant. I have to admit I am getting really down with all of the symptoms and hope this forum will help me focus in a more positive way.

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Hello, good to hear you have your surgery date booked in!! Always nice to see a bit of light in our worlds. I've had a laparoscopy before but not the gel!! Sounds like the gel could be a good idea to stop the endo returning. Overnight stay isn't a bad idea, might be because your having a little bit of work done its best to monitor you. I would say you will need 2-3 full days off work, depends what you do for a job? They say no heavy/hard labour for a week or so after a laparoscopy. Best to ask your doctor when your there honey. xxx

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Hi, thanks for your reply, i feel lucky my consultant is going to use everything she has to resolve and prevent further issues. You are right about the overnight, I can relax and know what is happening post op.

I thought it would be much longer off work, so will seek the advice from the nurses at my pre op assessment. I had read a minimum of 2 weeks so it does seem to vary.

Many thanks 😊

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Hi the gel is a barrier to stop more adhesions forming.

Good luck.

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Hi, thanks, let's hope it works!!

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Sounds as though you've got a good plan of action sorted! :) I'm also having two cysts removed, and potentially adhesion separation and laser endo removal on the 3 October. Symptoms and pre-op worry definitely forefront of my mind too (not fun!) but I guess we've just got to remember that these people are trained professionals who know what they are doing and the gel should help prevent further adhesions forming.

I think there are two main ways of removing endo cells - taking off the surface (with lasers/gel) or cutting the cells out. A helpline volunteer at Endometriosis UK told me that cutting out the cells can more effective as it removes the whole cell rather than simply scraping off the surface, but it sounds as though each technique has its benefits. I'm still a bit unsure about the different ways of removing cells! :/

My gynaecologist has signed me off for a provisional week, but time off will depend entirely on how well you are after the surgery. As there is a high likelihood that they’ll have to remove my left ovary, they seemed pretty confident that it would take a while before I was back to full speed. If yours is keyhole surgery your recovery time may be quicker.

An overnight stay sounds like a very positive plan as it means they can monitor you more closely and make sure you are not having an adverse reaction to the general anaesthetic. Mine is a day surgery and I'm a little bit worried about going home straight afterwards in case there are any immediate follow-up problems. You're definitely lucky to have the watchful eyes of medical experts around for longer... maybe just take lots of books, a snuggley dressing gown (I hear general anaesthetic makes you chilly!), a toothbrush and try to enjoy the hospital food!

Think I’m going to try and put together a mini hamper of items to take with me so at least I feel a little bit more in control. Mad times but, as you say, finding a positive sense of focus really helps :)

Good luck on the 7 October – it will all be okay I’m sure :) x


Hi, thank you for the reply, it's great to hear other people are going through similar issues (even though I'd rather no one had to deal with all of these on going problems 😔). The weird thing for me is I had both ovaries removed last year and though all of my problems were fixed. Unfortunately about 6 months later my symptoms started to come back and a scan showed a csyst and a node in my pelvic cavity where my ovaries should be. I was so shocked - I couldn't and still can't understand why they are there.

They don't know if it's endo or remnant ovary syndrome where even just a few cells of the ovary can start working again and create ovarian cysts.

Thanks for your info on how they remove the endo and the differences. The gel does sound positive as I know I have loads of adhesions and really want to prevent more if possible. I may phone the helpline, sounds as though they have lots of detailed information.

I really hope your surgery goes well and it solves your pain and symptoms.

Do let me know how you get on.

Good luck! 😊


Hi, I have my op same day as you. Its my second one and still so nervous. I m having a cyst removed as it was too big to take out the first time, adhesion and bowel surgery depending on what they find. I m taking two weeks off as the first time i down played it and thought i would be in work after 3 days. Give yourself time to heal. Do not stress about work. Recovery varies for everyone.

Will say a prayer for you. All the best and you are not alone.


Hi Tale, thank you for your reply. I am getting nervous as well. It's a blend of fear re the surgery but also I am desperate to get my pain and distension cured!!! I spoke to the nurse who completed my pre op checks and she said it could be 6 weeks to recover. I will know more after the op. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope all goes well and pain kept to a minimum. Best wishes to you.


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