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Fed up and need advice

Hi all I was diagnosed 10 years ago with endometriosis and had a laproscopy and had endometriosis which they lasered. I had 9 months of prostap and then a mirena and was discharged. After the mirena came out I wanted to try for a family as my periods took 12 months to come back I was referred back to gynae and it took 10 months to get an appointment. I had testing done which came back clear although they didn't do a lap I had to wait 8 months for an appointment again and at the last minute it was cancelled and they sent me a letter saying the next one has been booked for January so 5 months later again. The last two - three weeks I have had severe pelvic pain which started when me and my partner tried to have sex I have been sick too I was waiting for the appointment to discuss it. I had to go to gp out of hours who gave me pain relief and told me to make an appointment with my gp for the next day the receptionist was asking me personal questions and the gp refused to see me so I had to go back to out of hours as the pain was severe. I was seen by gynae who told me that I would have to have another referral put in because I had been referred for fertility not endometriosis she wrote me up for stronger painkillers and I went home. Today I found out she had written the prescription incorrectly I phoned the department and have been passed from pillar to post with promises they would call me back which they haven't I have been in tears for hours I went over the hospital and took the script. Then I was told to wait and I had to join the a and e queue to have obs taken again to have the same questions asked again and for her to get some of the info wrong then she refused to give me the script and instead put me back on the original pain relief with anti sickness I'm so fed up I have been in tears and I did snap a bit because I was so fed up. Anyone else out there had these issues?

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Oh and today they told me I had follicles on my ovaries from the scan last year no one told me this at the time and despite the pain no one has done an ultrasound or anything. Just told me to go to my gp tomorrow I'm at my wits end


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