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Diagnosis pelvic/period/bladder

Hi there,

This is my first post here but was wondering if anyone could relate to my experience to make me feel less worried. I'm 24 years old. I've suffered from extremely painful pelvic pain from periods since I can remember, so painful that they can sometimes leave me bed bound and wanting to be sick.. I also experience a horrible dulling pain from what I assume is ovulation as it happens mid cycle. However my periods are so heavy and irregular its hard to tell and has been something i'm embarrassed I never paid better attention too. I also get terrible bloating which can come out of nowhere. I had this last when I may have been ovulating and it caused me so much discomfort.

My other 'symptom' is my constant need to urinate and the urgency of this sometimes. An example being 3 times in 30 minutes last night! Its like I can never fully empty it. However, this is again something that I feel I've dealt with for a long time and not a sudden thing. I have always put this down to my use of caffeine and again not looked into it even though it is a huge nuisance to my daily life.

Its only in the past year that I've started to put a lot of this together and started to worry myself. I've constantly brought up my painful periods with doctors and have constantly been brushed off and told to try this and that type of contraception pill.

My doctor only referred me to a gyneo for an ultrasound after I bled heavily after my smear and went into what looked like a period (although it was around 10 days early). She said this was just a coincidence but still decided to finally put me forward. She said this can take up to 6 weeks so i'm still waiting.

I'm not even sure what it could be to be honest but I guess I just need the peace of mind. Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice on how to make sure i'm getting the right treatment? I admit i'm not exactly the most assertive person and unfortunately allow myself to feel deflated when doctors aren't very helpful in asking me about my struggle. - Sophie xx

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Hi Sophie, I am on the same boat as you. I am also 24 and I have been having awful pelvic pains, Im not sure if i have endo, but it definitely seems like it, I have done 5 urine tests in 2 months, which are all clear. I have had swabs done which are also clear. I am awaiting smear results and I have an ultrasound this Sunday coming. I waited 4 weeks for an ultrasound. The doc told me it wold be 6 weeks aswell. I have a regular period but i bleed in between cycles. I have horrible pelvis pain and pressure aswell as terrible rebound pain after the toilet. Its getting worse as I have gotten older. They put it down to Dsymennorhea but I feel its endo. I have had difficulties with periods since i was 18. Your not alone <3


Hello, I am 31 now, but I was in my very early 20's when my issues started. Your issue sounds like IC to me. It causes pain, especially around your period, and also frequent urination, and when you do have to urinate, it can be urgent. It often means getting up several times in the night. It also means you have a feeling of never emptying your bladder fully. You should look it. You may also have a combo like me. I have been diagnosed with both IC and endo, as they are frequently found together. I know how hard this is and how long a diagnosis can take! Hang in there and read up on IC and endo and discuss at your visit with your doctor. It took YEARS for my diagnosis. Also, as I have both conditions, along with several other inflammation conditions, we are now looking into the possibility that I have an autoimmune disorder. So speak to your doctor and don't let them just disregard you! We have to be our own advocates these days! Best of luck!!


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