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Pain returned 3 months after laparoscopy

Hi, I had a laparoscopy in April and was told I had inactive endo and pelvic congestion syndrome. After the initial pain fro the surgery I was pain free for about 2 months which was bliss. The pain has now returned far worse than before and I sometimes struggle to walk. I am not receiving any treatment at the moment. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks

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Hi hunny,

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is any endo that is inactive, it's either endo or not,

Are you being seen at a bsge specialist centre or by a general gyne, gyne often miss endo in certain situations and have little knowledge as it's a very small part of the gynecologists course, where as a bsge accredited surgeon as completed a 3 year course in laparoscopy and endo,

Good luck


Hi, the same thing has happened to me. I had surgery in March and pain has been back and getting worse every month since about June. I rang the endo nurse at the hospital I had surgery at and I've got an appointment in October. I was treated at BSGE centre and was also told I had some inactive old endo amongst nodules, adhesions and god knows what else, I have found through seeing different consultants at a BSGE centre that their medical opinions vary so much one will say there's no such thing as old endo and another will tell u there is. X


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