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My endo symtpoms constant but no bleeding?!

Wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

Diagnosed had a laparoscopy which helped, fell pregnant and didn't have any symptoms for 18 months was bliss. Tried coil gave me severe pain, combined pill didn't help and now have the nexpranon implant in.

Have been really suffering with all my usual pains but no bleeding at all? and the cramps are so bad its causing issues with my bowel movements. I feel hot and sweaty all the time and the pain is there always varying in severity. But I cannot see anything about it with no actual bleed. Trying to get into doctor but its a nightmare. I feel low and tired and I'm snapping at my son. Is it possible to have no bleed but still have the pains associated with it?

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Hi I have a similar situation, I was diagnosed with abdominal wall endo/c section scar endo and my pain is not consistent with my periods, i dont have endo in my pelvis and have never suffered with my periods but have been basically implanted with endo through the c section and the pain is horrible but its constant not when Im bleeding. Took a lonng time for a diagnosis because of this. X


Thank you for your reply, makes me feel more confident with the doctors. I'm exhausted. Hope you are managing your symptoms well now. x


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