Blood in urine lab test normal. What happens now?????

Hi ladies I'm sorry to bother you with this if you look at my previous post you'll know a bit more about what's going on with me. But I just wanted to ask if there's blood in your urine confirmed on dipstick by myself and doctor and it comes back normal from the labs. What happens now? I gather I'll be sent to urology but what could it be? I don't see my doc now till Thursday I'm just getting worried about what it might be. Thanks for any replies in advance

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Hi I've had blood and alot of protein in my urine which I was told is normal even though I had hysterectomy in April - so I would say I shouldn't have blood? I've been referred to urology as my kidney and liver blood tests are abnormal but my appointment to see the consultant is in another 3weeks xx

I have always had blood in my urine. My results mostly always come back clear from the lab tho. It could be a low level infection that isn't being picked up on the lab tests. I think different hospitals/areas can have different cut-off levels for determining infection. Therefore, if you fall below their cut-off, you are deemed not to have a bacterial infection.

I'm waiting to see a urologist too as have bladder issues and loin pain. Never recovered from my operation unfortunately.

Fingers crossed you get clarity soon and it's good news. Have you pain or frequency etc.? Have you had a lap yet?


Maybe that will be it just it seems to be constant. I have lower back pain all time severe ovulation pain can't sit down or hardly walk it's like I'm been torn apart. Hip pain fatigue the lot. It's been bad since may when I totally stopped breast feeding. I had a c section in 2013. Iv only just been referred to gynae so waiting on that divs was supposed to do it a few week ago but some glitch in the system. I just don't know what's going on but I know for sure some things not right. Hope it all works out for you too it takes such a big chunk out your life when your health just isn't right xxx

Iv read that blood should not be in your urine at all. So why they told you it's normal I don't know. In the past docs have done test and said there's blood but then just dismissed it. Now I'm in so much pain and have educated myself a bit on what may be possibly endo I am asking why haven't certain things been investigated and coming right out with telling them what I think iv got. Just worrying especially when the labs said it's normal. I know now it's going to be urology she said herself. Just don't know what to expect. Iv had a lot of bloods recently just showing folate low and vitamin d3 low. I would have thought they'd have fast tracked you with your bloods been abnormal. I don't get it. Good luck I hope things work out for you.xxxx

Hi this could also be due to not drinking enough which can cause damage to kidneys. I had this for a long time before my hysterectomy in March which was when I was told why. Although GP was never concerned by it had I known this could have been rectified much earlier.

Thanks for that I'll take that on board I probably don't drink enough. Try get my 8 glasses in a day see if it changes anything x

Can I ask where in the UK you are as this determines your endo treatment options.

I had horrendous kidney pain (at least I think it was my kidneys) years ago and had every test under the sun (ct, X-rays, cystoscopy, IVP, urinalysis etc.). All they found was a cyst in my left kidney that had possibly bleed into itself. That torture went on for the guts of 8 months. I was bed bound and in agonising pain, begging the hospital to remove my left kidney. They didn't but sent me home limping and with painkillers each time.

4 years later (after years of what I thought was bad IBS) I woke up one night in agonising pain.. Passing out, vomiting, you name it. I live alone in London so I couldn't get myself to hospital. After 6 hours it subsided enough that I could get to the walk in clinic where the doctor said she thought I had an ovarian cyst rupture and possible endo. I was able to have lap, hysteroscopy and cystoscopy three weeks later (privately) and was diagnosed with quite sever endo on ovaries and a few other places plus adhesions etc.

The path to diagnosis is a tough and lonely one. I hope you get the answers you so desperately need and meet compassionate doctors along the way. And don't read all the horror stories: Your kidney issues may be totally unrelated to endo and it could be a kidney stone or indeed an infection that's gone undetected.

Take care of yourself and keep me posted. I know how unsettling it is living day by day with the worry of pain and your health.


Flipping heck you've been through it. It's awful to get dismissed so much then find yourself in a situation that really should have been recognized aged ago. I'm so sorry about what you've had to go through. Life throws these things at us just to test our strength and I think us ladies are pretty strong. I never knew about endo till a couple of months ago despite my family members having it my aunt and one of my cousins as Im aware of we've got a big family hard to keep up with them all. But iv convinced myself iv got it or adhesions from surgery because of the horrific pain iv got. Just the blood in urine what's baffling me I'm going to try drink more see if that helps. Thanks for reply and keep your chin up Xxx

Thanks Hun. Hope we get some good news and pain free days very soon. Stay strong xxx

Thanks. You too xxx

I'm in Leeds all iv managed to do is explain to docs what I think I may have either due to c section possibly before iv told them I want to be seen by a gynae that specializes in endo. But they just say I think you need to be seen by St James hospital rather than someone in community. X

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