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Yellow Stool


I'm soon to have my lap and so have not yet had Endo confirmed. New symptoms keep cropping up, and the latest is strange textured and coloured poo. My stools have been loose and pale, sort of yellow, for about 2 weeks now. Do other people get this - is it something that comes with endo?

It's a yellow colour all the time, never brown.

Other symtoms: painful heavy clotty periods, sharp pains before bm, frequent urination, very disruptive fatigue, constipation/incomplete emptying, weak bladder, and I have a 9cm ovarian cyst.

Something feels very wrong with my digestion and my energy levels are really low. I'm eating loads of fruit and veg, have cut out coffee, alcohol, red meat, gluten and dairy from my diet.

Please let me know if you've had this or know what it could be!

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Doctor should take a stool sample.could be a biwel infection.x


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