Not long now 😯

Not long now 😯

Overwhelmed with all the lovely messages and caring ladies out there. My op is getting closer (this thurs 7.15) and I've finished work today feeling alot better with it all. You post op stories have helped me alot and I am feeling more confident now. I will keep you all updated with my procedure to help other ladies. Love to you all and thank you for your support x

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  • ur welcome hun that's what we are here for hun thanks for the support you have gave me over the months and best wishes for Thursday xx

  • Awww keep in touch lovely. Xx

  • Will do lovely keep u posted when I c gynae in September

  • Please do hopefully you won't be waiting to long x

  • No been to long Iv been waiting they put me through as a urgent referral due to what Been. Happening with me

  • Oh dear....'re you under a specalist? Doctors see us all as a number they don't care if they can't see the evidence in front of them x

  • Yeah I'm under a specialist Hun yeah very true Hun don't give a toss doctors these days long as there ok

  • It's sad coz where there kinda reason they have a career. Hope you get seen soon hun x

  • Yeah begining of September I get seen so not to long to wait

  • Fantastic.... let's hope you see a light at the end of the tunnel x

  • Good luck sweetheart. Let us know when you're home and that you're ok. Will be thinking of you. All the best Jean.

  • Will do hun xxx thank you xxxx

  • All the very best for today. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery. Keep us updated on how you are doing xx

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