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Recommendations for the best Endo Gynaecologist London or SE?

Hello ladies,

I have a query regarding Gynecologists in the London or SE area.

Can anyone recommend a trusted Gynae who is the best at surgical procedure and sympathetic to Endo symptoms and chronic pelvic pain?

My G.P says I need a referral fairly quickly due to recent scans as the Gynaecologist I say last year in October 2015 Sussex just wasted my time – she performed a hysteroscopy but not biop, stated I should have another laparoscopy in January and then did not get I touch with either myself of my G.P for 7 months and I repeatedly had to chase the hospital (*NHS patent in Private sector) to find out what was happening then to cover up her ‘mistake’ she wrote a letter which basically just was a lie and even my G.P was flabbergasted at her response as it just does not tally up.

I have since had another pelvic scan due to bleeding issues and my G.P wants me to be referred on however as I had an awful experience with a locum performing my last laparoscopy in 2011 which has triggered continued pain and many other health problems so I am scared and worried about who to trust.

The full story is very complex so I will not go into it here but the crux is that I need to feel 100% confident that whoever I go to see will not turn out to be another fiasco and waste of time.

The Gyne consultant I used to be under on the NHS back in 2010 recently stated to see NHS patients again after a long stint of ‘private only’ so My G. P reff’d me to see her at UCHL but she will not see me as she stated she is only doing fertility clinics not general gyae.

I wanted to see Mr.George Pandis at UCHL but sadly discovered he passed away.

I also asked if I could see Mr Ertan Saridogan at UCHL but am informed that he is ‘on long term leave’.

I know the rules on here for not fully naming names so please PM me with any recommendations.

*Also please note I am not online everyday due to being so unwell at the moment so If you do PM me and do not get a response straight away please do not be insulted I promise I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanking you in advance.

Best wishes.

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Hi - have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre and on the treatment pathway.

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Hi hon, sorry to know what has happened. I was in similar situation until I did the operation in a private hospital, which was fast and I felt being well looked after x

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