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Endo belly bigger on one side

I keep getting endo belly lately but today on the right side it feels like there's a 'lump' and on my left side there really isn't anything.

I think I passed a cyst the day before yesturday (clotty stuff in the toilet) but I didn't bleed just had that tissue in there. The passing had severe pain, numbness in the legs, chest pain, and just feeling like throwing up.

Should I go to the hospital?

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Can I ask how old you are Hannah? cysts don,t normally come away on their own but clots from heavy periods do which can be the lining of our womb( a natural occurrence each month) If you can feel a swelling where you say a "lump" is YES go hospital, if you can rescue anything you shed take it with you!! On the left side we have organs and bowel so play it safe.


17, I didn't have a period though, I just went to the washroom and felt pressure on my cervix all morning then there was a plop and weird pieces of tissue were in the toilet.


Still go and checked hun a scan will show if there was a reason for the clot.

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It went down and I went to a medic clinic since my mom refused to go to emergency.

The dr said he couldn't find anything and asked if I had physcological problems and then I showed him the picture I took of my belly in the morning and he said he had no idea why there was a bump in the photo and in the morning and not to go to the ER since it's probably just a flare up that caused inflammation.


He asked you if you had psychological problems? What on earth has that got to do with a very physical experience. Infuriating.

I don't know where you are but if you can I'd get someone to take you to a&e. It could be clotting but as its not during your period I would get it checked out. I had a burst cyst, slightly different experience though. Sharp, intense pain with high fever and being sick. Followed by extremely heavy bleeding. My period wasn't due. I called the out of hours gp who told me it was just a normal period. 2 months later I had a scan and they said I had a collapsed cyst and that would have been thankfully what came away. I think it would be a very good idea for the hospital to see you. Take care xx


The pain isn't there as much anymore so I don't think I need to and I'm scared they won't pay attention to me b/c I was just there 2 weeks ago for BV.

Plus every ER doctor either says "Well it's just inflammation" or "We don't know what it is" and gives me pills or tells me to use a heating pad.


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