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Two weeks after lap


I have just joined this site and I am really confused I had my laparscopy done two weeks ago and see my consultant last week for my results, I was told they had removed a chocolate cyst from my left ovary and endo from others parts (he didn't tell me where as he didn't have my file and was purely reading notes off the computer 😡) He has told me to go onto the pill continually for 3 months so it stops my periods however I have tried this before and it's never worked also tried the contraceptive injection which didn't stop my periods either.. I asked a lot of questions when I see the consultant but really felt all he was concerned with was stopping my periods, I even advised him that my boyfriend and I would like to try for children soon and he just replied let's stop you ovulating and then speak in a few months

Has anyone else felt they have not been given the right information in the follow up appointments? I am really annoyed none of my questions where answered and I won't get a chance to see him again probably until next year

Anyone recommend the best ways to deal with pain? I'm tired of being me right now

Thanks for reading my rant is over

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hi lacey. i too have had an endometrioma (chocolate cyst) removed. it is usual for the specialists to want to suppress your periods with endo as it can help reduce regrowth. i already have children so my circumstances are different to yours. have u already been trying for a child? i have read before that sometimes these treatments can also help people who have struggled to conceive. it gives your body chance to recover better and can help fertility chances to peak after coming off. im no expert just something i have seen on here a few times. maybe some of the other members will know better. x

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We haven't been trying for a baby but we know we want a family and don't want to risk my fertility by waiting. I'm lucky my family are so supportive and we will be able to live at my parents whilst we save for a mortgage if we have a baby.. I've read a lot that the best time is straight after a lap so maybe I'll just see what happens and let nature decide

Thank you for replying xx

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Sorry you're feeling so crappy. I've been out on danazol to stop my periods to control the pain and I'm waiting to be diagnosed with endo (already have IBS). The main problem you'll have is your desire for kiddos. The nurse who saw me was explaining that if I had made up my mind for no more kids (I have a five year old, I'm 34) then he had more options meds wise than if I wanted kids. I think they're always a little unsure to give you any advice as it has to be your decision... That said. Whatever meds your on at the mo should mean that when you stop them your fertility should come back (I've been told this about the danazol I'm on as its shut my ovaries off). Maybe see if you can get a nurse app to talk it though or phone convo with your doc. They should help you xx

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Good morning (hopefully!) I've been in the same situ (boyfriend and children thing complicated in that I don't want them though). I have NO idea what stage I'm yet after having my lap this time last year, I saw the images after the op and there was a lot on my left side. I was given advice on further treatment but was never given follow up appointments with gynae or GP, I had to sort that out. They too put me on pill tricycle but zoladex has been talked about. I'm due to see gynae again in October because of the pain and possible lap #2, fun! But yeah, I feel very much like I've had very little real assistance and just a lot of 'try this to stop bleeding so much, now stop being a wuss we've done what we can'. I have so many questions, even a year on, about my options, surgery, how to cope with daily life (a lot of pain relief and sleep apparently), how to make it all go away without a magic wand, but I'm never given the time at appointments, just a 'here have this and go' routine.

I hope you're starting to feel a little nit better, if anything having days of some relief.

pain relief: Naproxen is my life at the moment with paracetamol. Not too strong I'm incapacitated, but enough that it numbs everything for a bit. And rest! I know its hard sometimes to find the time but it's so important to just be still and calm but also gentle exercise, things like Pilates and body balance can really do a lot, physically and mentally, if you've not tried it before.

you're not alone and there's so many people here to rant and vent to and ask questions!


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