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Abdominal wall/Scar endemetriosis? Anyone else?

So after having really severe pain in my lower left abdomen since March 2016 I have recently been diagnosed with abdominal wall endemetriosis afer having a mass removed from around my c section scar and sent of to the lab with results being endo! Its been 5 weeks since my op and I am having all the symptoms returning which is really effecting my ability to work (physical job) and pick up my 2 year old as the position where it is it really aggravates the symptoms by straining, stretching, bending and lifting etc. Is there anyone else with this type and how are u managing it? Any help would be really appreciated x

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I don't have this type but my ovary was adhered to my side and that really hurt so I sympathise with what you're going through. What is the plan for your treatment? X


Well they have ordered another scan to check for more endo and possibly a laparoscopy he has told me to take the pill back to back to see if stopping my periods will ease the symptoms but The pain I have is constant and not around my period anyway?! He actually told me if i was to get pregnant it would be great! Which is not an option right now as I am in too much pain and could possibly lose my job due to all the time I have had off. What was your treatment plan if you dont mind me asking? X

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