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Some support needed!!

I'm 28 years old and have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis I have had it removed from the womb but am currently waiting for MRI scan to see if the endo I have on my bladder has gone deeper then will be having more surgery. I have made a decision that I feel a hysterectomy after my bladder surgery is the way to go because even though I have oxycontin and oramorph it doesn't touch the pain at all. I feel helpless and have had this for nearly 19 years and feel I have no more fight left in me. the pain I experience is soooo bad and no matter what I try nothing helps. everyone around me tries to understand but none of them know how bad it gets and that I constantly cry myself to sleep because I feel like it has over taken my life. just wanted to have a bit of rant sorry people xx

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I just wanted to say I totally understand how you feel. This condition really sucks and people just dont get it ! If I hear 'well you look ok' one more time I think I may scream. Hope the surgery gives you the relief you are looking for xx


thank u for your reply. yea I find it really annoying when people say you look fine. I feel like smacking people when they say that to me. thank you I hope it does too xx

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i had that myself today. "u looked fine yesterday". ive just had lots of practise at hiding the pain. if only they knew what we had to deal with!! i am considering a hyster too but concerned about the long term effects. i have been advised to have a total one with bso. is that what u r thinking of having done?


oh most definately but because you don't have a scary or broken bones to show them your faking or overreacting just so irritating ain't it. would love them to experience it and still have the same opinion afterwards. not too sure as gotta go through all the options when attend hospital at the end of the month. xx


Hi - I replied to your old posts. Are you now being treated at a specialist BSGE endo centre as it is vital that you are with your stage of endo.


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