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So down just don't know what to do!

Hi ladies, been having a really bad few days I'm 22 and have no life because I'm in so much pain everyday I struggle to get dressed in the mornings. Mentally it's really taking its toll I graduated from uni in July and just want to be able to start my life. Currently I'm on ESA because it's just so hard to hold down a job I have to ring in sick nearly every week or every 2 weeks. I have just rang my Gynocology reception and they said they haven't got a date for my lap yet but there looking at the end of November, people are breathing down my neck about working and I feel so guilty I don't want to be like this I'm now scared to say how long the operation might be because of family moaning I don't work. Just feel so down I hardly go out I get so tired and feel in so much pain when I do I end up staying in bed for the next few days. I'm so down and I don't know what to do, how do I last until after my laproscopy I want a life. I wish people understood to they think I should be working but I really can't help it. :( help xx

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Hi Soph,

I remember waiting for my first lap like it was the gold at the end of the rainbow, you kind of put your life on hold until that date.

Have your Doctors prescribed you anything whilst you are waiting for your date? Before my first lap I had a course of Prostap injections to help ease the symptoms and attempt to reduce the density of the endo.

Endo can feel like a very isolating disease because unless you have personally experienced the pain you can never fully understand. A lot of people try to brush it off as though you are experiencing period pains which obviously we know it is nothing like that. Try not to let it keep you indoors, sometimes keeping active does help even if you just manage a small walk every day.



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