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Laparoscopy recovery time

Hi all

I had a laparoscopy almost 10 weeks ago which involved removal of endo, adhesions and a cyst. I understand this is quite a lot of surgery but I'm still suffering with bloating which is really uncomfortable, I literally look like I'm pregnant by the end of the day. Also every time I try to exercise I end up in pain again, I've only tried yoga and aqua aerobics so nothing too energetic for me. I was fairly fit and active before the op so expected to be back to normal by now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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I tried to push myself too much in the beginning too, but only end up in pain. I am taking it easy with just a walk of 30-40 min a day. The consultant said it takes at least 3 months for the body to heal up.

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Glad its not just me then. Slow and steady me thinks. I'm not due to see my consultant for a few more weeks so think I will leave it until I see him before I try anything other than walking to be on the safe side.


It took me 6mnths to fully heal and feel better don't push yourself too soon !


You sound exactly like me - my surgery was about 9 weeks ago, and like yours was extensive. I'm still very bloated, and I still have pain in my ovaries and around the incision sites. I can do moderate exercise like walking and swimming, but I still struggle to lift things, or twist my body. I'm still finding jeans difficult to wear too!

I was worried because I'd had a previous laparoscopy to drain my cyst, and my recovery was much quicker. I saw my consultant a couple of weeks ago. He said it's all totally normal and he expects me to take 6 months to recover. So that was reassuring to know that this is just part of the normal healing process.

Take it easy, and good luck.


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