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Still in pain after diagnostic lap

I'm nearly 6 weeks on after lap where they made 4 incisions and took some biopsies. Since then my bladder is over sensitive telling me to wee every hour and my tummy makes me look 6 mths pregnant. Seen a mia fascial osteopath last week who said it felt very inflamed and the pudential nerve irritated. Normally don't suffer this bad with bladder or bloating problems. Is this normal?

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Hello susie, I had lap 3 weeks ago and my tummy too is swollen, it was the first week but then went down a bit but is swollen again now. I am on zoladex implants and it had been mainly since I had that to be honest. I've put on weight even though I'm still following a diet I've been steadily losing for 6 months 2.5 stone in total, now it's creeping back a pound or 2 a week! Miffed off is an understatement plus I feel significantly worse constantly than I did before! Many of us in the same boat I guess...... In relation to bladder, I usually go often anyway but didn't realise that may have been a symptom! I think I go a little more often now but no significant difference if I think about it. Xx


Hi thanks for replying. I can sympathize 're Zoladex, I was on it for over 2 years with breaks as I tried to get pregnant. Has it helped the pain? It did help me painwise so I put up with side effects but did put on weight which was hard to get off like you. The gynae I saw recently wants me to go back on Zoladex but not keen. The headaches, joint and bone pain was not nice.


Yep! Headache and back pain since I had the injection..... Pain is the same if not worse I think..... Did yours get any better? This is the first one I've had and have been told I will have 2 more at the moment.... Hoping it will get better!! X


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