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'Ripping' pain on right side

Hi there. I would like to ask you all if this sounds familiar as I'very been to doctors recently, had tests done and nothing came back.

For the last few months I've been getting a really bad pain if I get up from sitting or sneeze or cough etc.. coming from my right ovary area. I was diagnosed with endo years ago but it's been kept in check for the last 4 years.

This pain has me worried though. All the swabs, smear and blood tests came back clear. Im presuming I need another lapo but I just wanted to ask if any of yee who suffer from endo get this and have u been told what it is.

The sensation is almost like a Ripping pain. It feels like something is tearing away from something else and it's quite severe. I can't straighten up for around a half hour after it and it smarts like hell for days. It really feels like something is tearing inside of me. I'm on the pill constantly to stop my periods completely.

If this is familiar to anyone I would really appreciate your input as the docs can't help me. It may be nothing but it's very uncomfortable.


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I don't know what els t say other than I get this and it's probably adhesions.

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Hi , I had exactly this issue mainly when exercising. Sometimes I would almost pass out from the pain. I had my first lap last November and they cleared my right ovary of all the endo. Although I'm certainly not pain free I no longer get this horrendous ripping pain. Hope they can find a way to help you x


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