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Stabbing pain on right hand side

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Hi ladies I just wanted to ask for some help on this matter. I had a lap in Feb this year and was treated for moderate endo. My right ovary was stuck to the inside of my abdomen which my surgeon separated for me. He also told me that he lasered off all endo he could find. I got a DVT in my leg after the surgery so I couldn't go back on the combined pill and I was advised to get a Mirena fitted but I had to wait till I was off Warfarin to get it done. I finally got the Mirena fitted last week and I haven't had any bleeding as I was expecting but about 1 hour after I got it fitted I had stabbing pains on the right hand side of my abdomen which made me go to A&E. They took blood and urine samples which all came back clear so I was advised it was prob the Mirena settling. I am still getting these little stabbing pains now and again and I was just wondering if I possibly had a cyst that has been aggravated by the Mirena. Does anyone know if I had a cyst would it have shown up in my blood when they tested it at the hospital? I did feel that before I got my coil that my endo was maybe starting to come back already but the pain I'm used to is normally a twisting, pulling sensation. I don't really want to go back to the doctor with this as I feel they're probably sick of looking at me! This Mirena seems to be my last option before getting another lap so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it helps but trying to ignore this niggling pain is getting harder and harder every day. Thanks in advance for any replies xx

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I would say the pain is a cyst, I get the exact pain on my left side, and it was found to be a cyst, it was never treated or removed even though I had a lap that discovered my endo, I'm no longer going down the meds route and opted for surgery for the endo pain, but have been recommended the coil after, the only way a cyst can be found is by scan or surgery, hope this helps, the more you keep going back to the gp the more likely you will get the treatment you want xxx

Hi, sorry to hear your pain! Do you still have your appendix? I've had 2 laps in 2 months due to my endo covering my appendix causing them to flair up and down all the time! It's a long shot but it could be your problem!

Good luck with everything!! Xx

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Hi the hospital were prodding my stomach quite a bit and the doc said he suspected appendicitis but my bloods were all clear. I was trying to tell him that where he was pressing was too high for the stabbing pain I was feeling.

I had this and I have 2 cysts on right ovary :-( they won't get rid of them either as they are not big enough. I still get a stabbing pain in right side as well. So I know what your going through x

the only way they will see the endo on your appendix is if they go in and a look!

they found my appendix covered but my surgon wouldn't touch them so I had to go back in again to have them removed!

Keep pushing until you get an answer!! trust me


I would go to your GP today and ask for a referral to get an ultrasound scan. This will show if there is a cyst or if your coil is not situated correctly.

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