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help me please:(

So its been almost a month since my laparoscopy and last week i ended up back in hospital as I had awful pain like what I use to suffer from before they found the endo. I still get really constipated, they found my Endo stuck to my bowel and wall of my womb. do you think it could be IBS? I do not know what to do anymore as i thought all this hassle was over, please help?

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I suffer from constipation IBS. And had the same problem following my op. Endometriosis had stuck my entire tummy together. In my case it was found that my pain following the IP, was caused by constipation and was given enemas and lots of laxative in hospital. It did eventually settle down again. My period was the only time my bowels worked properly.

If after a few more weeks, everything doesn't settle. I would suggest that you ask to be referred to a consultant to rule out anything more serious. An IBS diagnosis is one of there being nothing serious the bowels are just mucking about. And, unfortunately as I know to my cost, the diagnosis doesn't lead to a cure, just a lifetime of drugs and crossed fingers (whatever the TV ads say).

I hope that this helps.

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thank you, that does help, I had an ultrasound at the hospital to check there was no internal bleeding and thought I had a infection and they were going to go down the bowel route and have a look again but thought that wasn't best as they didn't want to operate and I'm only 16, I've just finished the course of antibiotics they gave me but I'm still constipated and i just feel awful.I've been on all sorts, senna, laxido and I think I'm going to go back to the doctors again.


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