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C-Section 6 months ago and endo worse than ever!

Hello ladies.... This is my first post on here. I'm 37 years old and have had endo for as long as I can remember but like so many women have only been diagnosed in the last 7 years after putting up with horrendous periods, infertility and finally being hospitalised after an endometrioma cyst on my ovary burst (ouch!!) I had a lap 2 years ago where endo was removed from my uterus. Both falopian tubes were twisted and my ovaries were attached to the uterus. My right ovary is badly damaged.

After years of TTC and various fertility treatments I have been blessed with 2 gorgeous children. My little boy was born 6 months ago via emergency section... Since my periods started again I have suffered terribly. Not only are they horrendous like never before im am suffering terrible pain in between my periods (ovary area and lower back) it hurts to sit down, I get shooting pains up my vagina and when I go to the toilet. Has anyone else experienced endo being a LOT worse after a section and is there anything I need to do? I don't feel like doctors care in the slightest :-( the last GP I went to see told me that's just the way it is after childbirth (seriously! How would HE know???) any help would be greatly received xx

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I know how u must feel I had a emergency c section three years ago and suffered horendious periods I put up with it for 14th months endless trips to hospital gynaecology did find a 2cm cyst on right ovary but said didn't suspect that was the reason for my pain I then got seen by gynaecology in October 2014 and endometriosis was mentioned and decided to book me in for a lap I had my lap in January 2015 were the found aheadions on pouch of Douglas and moderate endometriosis in my womb had infertility issues as well but ttc for last 3 years for baby no 2 and I'm now on hormone treatment due to endometrial cells that were found on the first scan I have a follow up scan on the 10th August sick of this and the pain endo gives me had to have my medication changed again due to the pain I'm in I would go back to gp and fight to be refered back to gynae I hope u get answers soon sending hugs to u xx


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