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How long did it take to get Pregnant?

I've been told I don't have Endometriosis (visually).

However, my consultant thinks that as my uterus has 'become' retroverted and I get an awful lot of pain in my bum during my periods, that I do have Endometriosis....

Apparently my ovaries and tubes all lookee fine etc and the lap was reported as 'normal'.

My consultant wanted me to start these injections but I said no because me and my boyf of 6 years are going to try for a baby.

My question is, how long did it take for you to naturally become pregnant with having Endo?

Does my retroverted uterus have an effect on my ability to get preggo?

Fingers crossed that everything will be okay - but the pain I get every month with my periods make me doubt that it will be a quick win trying to get pregnant.

Ps As my lap was clear I wasn't staged but my consultant thinks my endometriosis is in the pouch of Douglas and just not visible to the eye.

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Hi, I have had a retroverted uterus and I have 3 sons, so it didn't make it difficult for me, but I'm not sure if I had endo then, I was only diagnosed last march,

Are you under a bsge specialist centre, or general gyne,

General gyne often miss endo in certain situations and locations, so if you are not seeing a specialist, you need to be referred, a thorough excision surgery by a specialist will give you the best chance of pregnancy if you do gave endo,

Good luck

Also look up a lady called Lindle on here and read her posts,



I am in the same boat as you I have endo my lap showed I have it in pouch of douglas and little bits of endo here and there my ovaries and tubes were clear this lap was over a year ago!

Still not pregnant yet I also have a tilted uterous x


I also had severe endo (bowel, bladder etc and my uterus and ovary was stuck to my bowel). I've had two big ops to remove it whilst on horrible hormone treatment. My last big op was 6th April 2016. After trying to get pregnant for ages before ops, I've just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant!!! Happened the first month I felt ready to try after my op!! I can't believe it. Been for an early scan today and they say I also have a retroverted uterus.

Everyone is different but from my personal experience it seems the treatment helped us. Although I was desperate to conceive we decided to wait 1 year to have treatment and get my body in the best place. I'm 37 so that was a big decision. I don't think my retroverted uterus caused a problem more like the endo. I had all my work done under a bsge centre alongside a fertility clinic ( all Nhs). Perhaps give yourself 6 months to try and if nothing happens push for a diagnostic laporscopy with a bsge centre. The hormones will only help with symptoms not take endo away, so wouldn't solve the problem but might make you feel better.

Good luck xx


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