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Hello, I just signed up to this site and am in need of some help. I had a laparoscopy last August to remove and diagnose endometriosis. They only found a little bit, but what was there was very inflamed and irritated after they looked at the cells under a microscope. My period didn't come for months after the surgery, and when it did I went on Cerazette (progesterone only pill) to stop it coming back. I have been taking this pill for around 5 months now and have not had much bleeding at all, and up until last week no pain. This week, however, has been a nightmare. Ive had stabbing pains in my left ovary, back and it goes all the way down my leg. I've started to feel extremely depressed and anxious, which I'm prone to anyway, and really not sure what my options are. Im terrified it won't get any better. Any help please

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hiya imogen, sorry to hear it. I know very little about this all. I'm having my first lap on Tue to remove big cyst on ovary and I'm 48....but sounds like you should see a doc and I'm sure someone will help somewhere - even just to ease the anxiety for you. X


Hi, I'm sorry you're struggling. I have a very similar story and long story short, my endometriosis had come back 3 mths after my lap. You really need to get in touch with the consultant or gynaecologist who did the lap and let them know you need another scan to check. Don't take no for an answer! Xx


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