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Prostap 3 - still having periods

Evening ladies,

I'm currently halfway through my 6 month treatment of prostap 3 to try and get some relief from the constant pain. After the first injection within 2 weeks I had a full blown period with pain like I've never felt before I then had no period until the 3 months was coming to an end. I had the second injection about 10 days ago and the dreaded pains and bloating is back. Did anyone else get a period after the second injection? Does this mean the treatment isn't working?

Thank you

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I was the same up until month 4 (I think) that I stopped bleeding and had 78 brilliant days of having no bleeding, pain, bloating etc but after my last injection (3rd one) I have had another awful horrible painful period, however I think it's down to me having to start HRT.

I was told you can only have Prostap for 6 months without having HRT so was prescribed HRT when I went for my 3rd injection and started taking it the same day. approx. 9 days into taking HRT I started spotting and I've been bleeding ever since, that was 13 July!

I really felt like the Prostap was starting to work as well :-(

I was told that it can take a bit for your cycles to settle down.

Still confuses me though why switch everything off with Prostap and then give HRT.

I hope you're not like me and get some relief soon x


Thank you for replying.

I have had hrt since day 1 of prostap and I had one bleed after the first 2 weeks then nothing until the next injection was due. I'm nearly 2 weeks into the 2nd injection and the dreaded pain, bloated belly and tiredness is back with a vengeance.

I've been told I can't have prostap for more than 6 months so it's interesting to hear you have been allowed to take it for longer. I feel the same as you as I also really thought it was working for me too 😟

Has you doctor offered you norethisterone for the bleeding? That helped me in the past x


Aww it's awful isn't it. I must admit it does seem to be going on for a lot longer than usual. No I haven't been to the dr's, whenever I mentioned to the nurse who does my injection about the bleeding they always seem to say the same thing, that it'll take time to settle down, so I've given up asking them now. I'll see how I get on and mention norethisterone next time I'm there if I'm still bleeding.

I've been told to stay on Prostap whilst I await my excision surgery. I had a diagnostic lap in January which diagnosed stage 4 endo on my bowel, left ovary, bladder and pod. I'm now awaiting an op to remove it all plus a bowel resection. They said I would have the op within 3 months but I'm still waiting - there's only 1 bowel specialist and it's been really difficult to get a date with him and my consultant together. I've now been told it won't be before the end of September.

I must admit I didn't really want to be on Prostap for this long but they don't really seem too bothered about how long I've been on it, I've even booked in for my next injection already which will be my 4th!

You take care and get plenty of rest x


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