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Endo in my relationship :/

So i have had my lap, some endo was left behind and that has been giving me the worst pain, im on my 4th prostap injection, the pain hasn't completely gone but has sort of turned down a notch.. Have my good days and bad days.. I work 2 jobs and i am also a mother... Recently my relationship has gotten abit routine... in an heated discussion with my other half, he told me hes sick of me being tired all the time, wich is true any time after 9, i cant keep my eyes open, i feel like i am always tired!!! Any tips on how to feel more awake?? Always feel like im moaning, and its gotten To the point i dont even say if im too much pain any more just keep it to myself and act like all is fine... Havin a really low week over here...my partner was supportive throughout the worst bits, but feel like im a burden now.. Same story different day... Rant over i guess

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I know how you feel and the night I finally stay up we have guests or my partner falls asleep I've learned I still feel tired n pain but I try to guess my capabilities earlier n the day I can I do my best Not to pass out at my kids bed time I will drink a coffee or get a shower I find the guilt more difficult then the pain at times especially as I'm the sort to nudge him when he's "resting his eyes" on the sofa it's a hard one I've pushed myself too far doing this aswell though n you don't want to do that it's exhausting being drained by endo so all u can do is wait for a best day so far n take advantage when u can as u literally can't pin down a better one to come specifically we tried at home date nights some were better than others but it's as adventurous as u make it and ur in a safe environment if it doesn't go to plan plus something to look forward to can be a real energiser and u can plan basic things that involve a different conversation and atmosphere which lifts everyone's mood a man in a face pack with Ben n Jerry 500ml n a comedy chick flick can be a great night even with a hot water bottle and tramadol for me at least laughter can really be food for your soul when u need it i hope u have a better time soon I know I can't give any real advice but I can relate so u are definitely not alone on this one xx


HI Veeda. 2 Jobs and a MOTHER. Even if you dint have endo you would be tired by 9. You are a superwomen! remember that.

Your partners outburst from my experience is the helplessness we partners feel in not being able to take away the pain ..and it manifests itself and keeps building frustation just a like problem which cannot be easily solved we sometimes blame the person

I am sure he will realize that and sometimes its just that moment of weakness..Please dont feel like a burden YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT THAT :) :)

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It might be worth having a blood test as sometimes having issues within the abdomen can cause a vitamin b 12 deficiency that can cause extreme exhaustion my daughter suffers from both good luck xx


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