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Newbie :) hello everyone! (and a bit of a winge)

Hello everyone!

Newbie here! It's really comforting to find this site and know I'm not alone with endometriosis and all of its troubles and to have somewhere to talk. Although I have really supportive friends, I do sometime feel as though they think I'm a bit of a hypachondriac and I feel like I winge quite a lot so am trying to tone this down.

I've had horrendous periods for years which have got a lot worse in the last few months. Excrutiating pain to the point of passing out and extreme fatigue the week before I come on. Had a scan the other day and have gyne in a couple of weeks. Also have PCOS diagnosis so worrying about children at the moment but there we go... Currently feeling a bit off it on codeine though lots of this seems to be taking the edge of a bit! Naproxen made me feel really weird so am staying away from that! Bed and come dine with me today it seems... Feeling a bit low with it all :(

Ooooof sorry for the rant! Hoping Monday is treating everyone well xxx

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I just posted a similar rant and I am new here also! I am having a bad day too so to hear you are as well makes me feel less alone with it all...codeine is my best pal and had a bad flare up a couple of days ago which has left me exhausted. You are not a hypochondriac and are allowed to winge. Imagine if men had this! I hope you manage to relax without guilt and let your body heal for a bit. XX


Hi I feel the same at the minute low and confused as to what to do for the best. Found this site last night its so nice to be able to talk to other people in the same situation xx


I was literally just about to post my first rant on here :-( it's sad to see so many of us in such pain and discomfort and it seems we never really get taken seriously by doctors or people who just don't understand the condition.

I'm popping pills left, right and centre! Nothing seems to work and im at the point of just asking for a hysterectomy (im 37!)

You're obviously not alone.... Hope you get sorted. I know diet can really help with symptoms and im considering going vegan, anything to stop the pain!!! Hope you feel better soon xx


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