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New to this forum :-) hello everyone

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, I haven't been diagnosed but I have wondered before if I do have endometriosis.

Often I feel like I have mild period pains in between my cycle and I very often get a feeling which I can only describe as being kicked between the legs, it's a very odd feeling. I've had these feelings for a long time but lately it seems to be getting worse, I have been to the doctors before when I've been I've had odd pains but I've been told that there's nothing wrong of course! To be frank, sex hurts and even thinking about it now hurts :-(

I've been having a lot of palpitations at the moment and also a trembling feeling inside, also coldness. I've recently had blood tests about those issues but they didn't find anything. They did say that could be stress, of course I didn't mention anything about the main issue!

Best wishes


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I am definitely no expert as even though I have been diagnosed I'm still clueless! But I would say if it seems to getting worse theres really no harm in pushing for a referral to obs and gynae to get checked out, if nothing else it may give you some peace of mind! 🙂 I really had to fight for about 2 years with doctors being told I was exaggerating the pain/it's normal period pain/to take paracetamol but in the end I put my foot down and got a diagnosis so it could be the doctor(s) you have seen don't really know about endometriosis

Wish you the best of luck!

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Hi Chrysta,

Thanks for your reply :-) I'll have to pluck up the courage and make an appointment next week and see what my doctor says, I need to ask what happened with my blood test results too! It does sound like it's a real fight to be diagnosed from what I have read of other people's diagnosis :-( I'll let you know how I get on, I hope you're ok and thank you for the luck!


I think the main reason it is such a struggle is that so many doctors seem to have no idea it even exists! I hope you manage to get it sorted though and I had someone mention to me that there are BSGE endo clinics which are more specialised so if you do get diagnosed it might be worth having a look into going to one of those 😊 x


Hello! I'm sorry I haven't replied for a while.

I finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctors (I know right, a long time) my appointment was earlier today. I told her everything, some embarrassing things and I'm booked in for a blood test, another investigation, an ultrasound and something called a transvaginal ultrasound. I'm not sure what that is and will have to look it up. So we will see what they say!

I had my cervical screening a couple of weeks ago and the day after it was so painful, also the nurse told me that I have some cervical polyps but nothing serious.

Take care xx


Hey, transvaginal is a scan where they put like a camera inside you to look at your ovaries, uterus etc. It’s to check for cysts or endometriosis and other stuff xx


Thank you princessk09, I'm actually going for an ultrasound and scan later today so we will see what happens! xx


Hey there my friend. Welcome aboard! I hope that your current state doesn't last long... Have you visited a DR yet? If not so than please make an appointment as soon as you can. To start your combat against you issue, you first need to know what the issue is. I don't think that anybody here can give you a diagnosis. After you get the diagnosis things will be clearer! I know this is stupid but... I will be parying for the best. Who knows right? Maybe all you need is a few pills or something. As you can see my knowledge in medicine is small... Still I get to hope and pray for the best. Wish you happiness dear. God bless you!


Thank you Alessia, I did go to the doctors and they have referred me for an ultrasound and a scan which is actually today. I've got an appointment with a gynae but that's not until September unfortunately! It's great to have peoples support on here, I just hope they don't say they can't find anything wrong with me, fingers crossed xx


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