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Hello Everyone!


I have just joined this support group, I am a bit shy as I have never used an online support group :-) I look forward to reading your posts and sharing my story with you all. The endometriosis pain has been very bad today, I have a flare up that is causing mood change and fatigue, I hate it! Started to take the Zoladex injection once a month only had first injection a week ago so guess it will take time to get into my system, had six months worth of injection before the lockdown and it did east the pain but the night sweats are the worse and feeling cold during the day!

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Welcome! 😊 So glad you've found this place. I've found a lot of tips and support here which I wouldn't have elsewhere. I'm so grateful this forum exists.

I hope you get some relief from your flare up. x

Monti18 in reply to MissMarlene

That’s really good to know there is help advice and support out there

I’ve just joined too and I’ve never been on any forum before . Pain is bad today as is the bloating . Hope ur treatment goes well

Monti18 in reply to Redhen17

So sorry to hear you are suffering too. The endo bloating belly is very uncomfortable! Let’s hope we get good Use of this forum 😃

Welcome 🤗

Monti18 in reply to Tuxedo34

Thanks i hope to get some good advice and tips from this forum

Welcome welcome! We’re all here to support each other! I hope your pain eases. Please let me know how Zoladex works for you in the future... I’m weighing up a lot of options!

Ellice x

With these injections - will cause the flare up as its a dose of hormones

Because the Endo ( shorten version) with bloated tummy, pain,sickness etc

Try some natural things with-in your diet- ginger relieves so much - other

herbal drinks may also help.

Us ladies do not have it easy

Look into that option as I hope it will work for your current situation

Also gentle exercise will also be a help.

Monti18 in reply to Pinkmice

Thanks for the tips. I do run and find that helps as well as walking the dog and cycling. I also love ginger. I really like lemon and ginger tea 😃

Hello!:) I have just joined to:) it’s so nice to hear other women’s stories. I get really bad fatigue, pain and hot sweats too! Can I ask what Zoladex is? I’ve never heard of it. I’ve only been to the hospital a few times to discuss options and right now we are on the first stage which is me taking the pill. Ive only heard one option which was the operation to burn the lining x

Monti18 in reply to Yellow1102

Zoladex is a monthly injection. It’s an implant. It’s actually used to cure breast cancer. It takes the pain away after 8 weeks of taking it and can be taken for up to six months. It had a lot of side effects though. The night sweats are terrible

Redhen17 in reply to Yellow1102

Glad u asked this as I didn’t know either . I’m waiting to see gynaecologist , due to Covid the wait is long

Aw wow that’s interesting! Thanks for sharing:) I hope this eases for you xx

Monti18 in reply to Yellow1102

No problem, thanks hopefully in time the pain will ease

I have been advised to take Zoladex if my pain continues to temporarily shut down the ovaries to see if any improvement. Only had lap Monday where endo was removed thankfully but Zoladex has always scared me as it’s not something that u can stop taking as it’s injected in and u have to suffer the side effects whatever. I think you are brave for trying this and I really hope all goes well. Keep us posted x

Monti18 in reply to EndoJaz

Thanks, hope you make a speedy recovery from your lap. It’s great once you recover you will be pain free for a while. I was for around two years! I have a telephone consultation today with my gynae consultant to discuss what’s next...

You have lots of advice so I will say welcome to the group, everyone is great on here and it does keep you going when the difficult days arrive 😊

Monti18 in reply to Ambersun1

That’s really good to know, thanks :-)

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